It’s In His Kiss… {Samantha 7/10}

Samantha dares to say yes to love. Her first kiss with Anton turns out to be a magical beginning of a passionate romance. She enters a new world, the unfamiliar ground of sensuality and sexuality

Wow… this is amazing… I can’t stop smiling… I was so nervous climbing the steps to his apartment… I rang the doorbell and he opened the door. He was nervous too, kind of awkward, but cute. He led me in, there was a note on his computer he wanted me to read … It was about his feelings and how he wanted to be friends but at the same time he liked me so much… about my eyes, and hair and how beautiful I was… and it ended with “I Love You, Samantha”… I turned to him to say something and he kissed me…!! And I almost fell off the chair… It was funny, and new, and strange and really good… His lips on mine, and then his tongue in my mouth… I froze a little, not sure what to do… but he was so patient and gentle with me and our tongues were touching… eyes closed, his hands around me… I still can’t believe I did that! So glad I brushed my teeth. I guess I am his girlfriend now, whatever that means… I love him! When I left his place, it felt like I was floating in space… It’s all so new… I want to keep kissing him