Madly in Love… {Samantha 8/10}

Samantha is enjoying the most amazing kissing relationship with Anton. She’s head over heels in love, they look adorable together. Yet, imagining the future, she wants to pull out of all this.

I’m not going to tell my parents. They always ask questions. I don’t like to be questioned. Whatever this is, it’s mine. Back to school, every chance we get we are kissing. I caught one of our friends staring at us, and he asked how did we manage to never hit our teeth. We just looked at him bewildered, and laughed. We just don’t, it’s almost like we have been made for this. Our mouths fit so well, our lips meet and part, our tongues dance and wiggle and caress. Perfect synchrony. I’ve always known that kissing is supposed to feel like this. When we are apart, I think about him a lot. We talk on the phone for hours. We go out and kiss almost the whole time. I can’t focus on my homework, he is on my mind. Is love madness? It makes me feel alive