Differently, But Always {Samantha 10/10}

Samantha does what she needs to do and tells the truth about how she feels. She does not meant to do it, it just comes out of her. It was short, but so sweet. No regrets, she resolves to be single and not break anymore hearts.

3 days to Valentine’s Day. I need to get him a gift. It’s not getting better. Nothing has changed – he is sweet, loving and kind. Yet, all of a sudden I cannot reciprocate. Discussing potential future plans together makes me freeze up. Why? I am such a weird person. Today I shared with my best friend a little bit of how I feel. It came to her as a surprise, she thinks that I should just ignore it. But I cannot. I want to be close to him, yet at the same time something is pulling me away. I wish I could go back to the beginning and feel like I did. Is it a fear of the next step? Sharing with my parents? Taking it further and seeing where it goes? Or maybe I need the time to focus on my own growth and be a hermit again? I wish an answer would magically appear for me. How beautiful and tragic relating to another can be