Attitude of Gratitude?

Meet Sylvia. She decides to start a gratitude journal, and it’s all quite new…

Dear Diary,

This does not feel right. At all. Why do people write diaries? What if somebody finds them and reads them? Then all your secrets are out. I liked this article about the man who started writing a gratitude journal and his life transformed. The more he noticed all the minute details each day that made him smile, the more they multiplied. I think this is what I am going to do with this notebook. The whole concept of a diary is kind of foreign to me, no offence 😉 How about today?

I am grateful that…

  • the bus came on time and there was a seat that opened up for me
  • lectures weren’t as boring
  • I got a delicious chocolate bar for lunch (who needs burgers?!)
  • my friends and I get along so good
  • the fall leaves look so beautiful in the park
  • I gave some money to the old man playing accordion on the street, and he smiled at me wholeheartedly
  • the sunshine