Familiar Feeling

Sylvia meets up with the guy and they seem to have a strange connection. He prompts her to look within herself and become more introspective. What is life truly about?

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I did. Message him. That guy. We met up for coffee and we had the strangest of conversations. He is unlike anyone else I’ve experienced before. Maybe because he is from another country. He somehow acts like he knows me –  as if he has been looking for me and he’s finally found me. He made me think about a lot of things. There were very few details mentioned, I can’t even say what we talked about. It was very unpredictable, our conversation. In the moment. I felt like I’ve known him before. We laughed a lot, after the first 5 minutes it was not uncomfortable or awkward at all. We said more with our eyes and in the silences between the words.  At first I kept asking myself “What are you doing?!” but then I let it go. It’s not like I am doing anything bad. He made me think about myself. As if I am special in some way. Maybe I have been looking for him too? He is totally not what I would have pictured, had I been seeking someone. Yet, he seems so familiar.