The Guy

Sylvia is in the flow, aligned and present. A strange encounter with an unfamiliar guy peaks her curiosity – does he know something about her she is unaware of

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Today I am grateful for how things align… Lately when I think about something and I don’t worry, it just happens. Like this afternoon I was going to be late for my appointment with my friend, because the bus was stuck in traffic. I was a bit anxious, but then I realized there was nothing I could do, so I relaxed. I thought to myself, maybe she is going to be late as well and she wouldn’t have to wait that long for me. And that was exactly how it happened! Both of us were running behind and nobody had to wait for anyone! So strange… Some people worry a lot about everything. I eat cake and chocolate all the time without any concern about my weight. It stays the same. The less I stress about things, the more they work out. It’s alchemy, maybe? I love that book.