Deep Thoughts and Shallow Kisses

Sylvia enjoys probing into her feelings and emotions on her coffee dates with Tom. She wonders what her soul came here to do and realizes it’s definitely not making out with drunk guys at a hallway party…

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Tom and I have some strange relationship going on. I enjoy going out for coffee with him. Maybe because he is encouraging another version of me to emerge from underneath the surface?  We talk for hours, he keeps caressing my hands, always hints at things, and then I say I should go and we talk some more. The conversations are never about the weather or what happened today, rather they revolve around the feelings and the emotions that stir me. It is very interesting to explore myself through him. I feel as if I am struggling to become who I am meant to be, to find out all the answers. I get confused in the process, thinking I should do more, be more and get there faster. He, on the other hand, tells me that I am exactly where I need to be and there is nowhere in particular to get to. It’s hard for me to simply relax. When I defy him and contradict his suggestions, he simply laughs at me and shakes his head lovingly. I wish I knew what he does. He never tells me. Maybe so I can keep going out with him, haha 🙂 I know nothing about his personal life and honestly I don’t care to. My friends ask me about him, and I really could not tell them that much. They are so curious. He has different color skin than mine, yet I don’t see it like that. I guess I can see into him too. Something unusual binds us.