A Change Is Gonna Come

Sara sees Damian in a different light… Is what brought them together dissipating? Were they supposed to meet, share and then part? Or could her feeling be wrong?

We are drifting away. The last time I saw him things were kind of off. It was during the day –  he called, I was already out and I headed his way. While in the beginning I was eagerly anticipating his messages and attention, lately I’ve grown so much more confident in my own skin. Like I’ve been moving from a novice, to apprentice, to a pro. In what? Being my true self, I guess. His voice still gave me chills and made me wet, though. Enroute to his place I stopped at a lingerie shop and got myself a new pair of lacy black underwear. There was a strange feeling of excitement that gave a bounce to my step knowing I was going to a fuck date. I’ve come to accept the whole thing as my sexual initiation that I owe no explanation to anyone about. We entered into it with respect as two consenting adults, keeping it open and not binding it to empty promises. Naturally, we both had feelings for each other, but we did not let that distract us from the nature of our contract. Namely, fuck friends who meet when convenient for both and share pleasure, exploring each other’s naked bodies. Obsessively thinking about the morality or future of it only made what was supposed to be simple, complicated.