Love and Marriage

“Instead of being close together in the flame of love, burning with passion and desire for life, we have become mere embers alienated from each other and turning cold, placated by the comforts of mere existing within the artificial web of the matrix.”

I never wanted to get married. However, it was the logical thing to do. We were in love, he wanted to stay with me, his visa was going to expire again sooner or later, so I suggested we sign the papers (because that’s all it is, just some papers) and in this way he could apply for citizenship. I told him that I didn’t believe in the concept of marriage and that I wanted to be with him because I loved him, and not because a legal documents obliged me so. He agreed. I added that if anything was ever to change – he fell in love with another woman, he stopped loving me for some reason, or whatever it might be – to simply get together and discuss it, and that I would let him go without asking for anything in return. To me love was equal to freedom, and honesty mattered the most.