Solange wants to explore her sexuality, yet there is the tiny handicap that she wants to do it with a married man… Will the guilt prevail or the desire?

I get up, I brush my teeth, I kiss Steve Good Morning, we make breakfast, we get dressed, we go to work, I chat with my colleagues, accomplish tasks, eat my lunch, laugh, stay focused, check the Google doc, I have conversations with James, I get super excited when he is online too and I can see him typing, we explore relationships together and try to make sense of it all, I go home, Steve cooks dinner, I make a salad, he replies to e-mails, I do the dishes, we sit on the couch and watch a show on Netflix, sometimes we go out for dinner, sometimes we have people over, a lot less than sometimes we make love, and all the time the thought of James is on the back of my mind.