The Ideal Guy List

Stella realizes she might have closed shut the door to a possible new Love and decides to make the list the tarot card lady suggested for the fun of it…

The tarot card lady made me realize something… I have closed the door for any potential man to get to me. Maybe I should make the list and see what happens.

My ideal guy is…

Handsome and with a sense of humor

A great kisser

Easy going and laid back, knows how to relax

Enjoys the simple things in life, like having a cup of coffee on the deck

A sensitive man, who is open to having deeper conversations about life

Loves to travel, lives in the moment

Respects women and is committed, does not deal in drama

A passionate lover, who takes his time

Has his own life and interests, can be by himself

Values experiences more than things

Does not drink excessively/has addictions

Appreciates nature and loves going on walks

Cherishes and enjoys my company

Loves to snuggle

Sees the good in everyone/everything, thinks positively, believes in himself

He is caring and loving, knows how to express his emotions

Lives in the present and is not obsessed with greed/power

Loves animals

Enjoys life

Takes care of his health and body