The Way We Flow

If everybody woke up like this the world would be a wonderful place. I’ve never matched that perfectly with a lover. Entangled, we are in no rush to rise for we are shining already. What is it about him that is so amazing? He is a peaceful warrior, like me. Not after power, fame or money. Simply doing our own thing, spreading good vibes and seeing the unity of all. He is not trying to impress me with achievements or possessions, he is simply being himself. Our souls recognize each other, uncovered by unnecessary layers of what we are not. I want to share all of myself with him, and my body follows and opens up. The day unfolds as we get up, go and grab lunch, enjoy another cup of coffee and conversation, and revel in one another. He brings his guitar over and plays music for me as I make dinner. It’s both surreal and so real. The more I get to know him, the more I want him around. Grateful. Grateful. Grateful.


I catch myself at times thinking this is too good to be true… seven days with Luke, and it just flows. He is so easy to get along with, we are on exactly the same page, our schedules match, he loves the food that I do, our minds agree, we can talk about everything, kissing him is incredible, and when we make love it’s divine. Luke might be my gift from above, he is beautiful inside and out. Will it last? We are so present in the moment, that the question does not even arise. I am throwing every concept I have of relationships out of the door, and creating my own way of loving a man. We are both open to feeling it out and taking it as it comes. It’s so different than what my marriage used to be – actually, it is everything that I pictured it should be. I fell apart for a moment today and broke down crying, I don’t even know why. Luke just held me tight and was there for me until I calmed down. Then everything was ok. Maybe it’s too soon, maybe it’s too good, maybe it’s too quick, maybe we should have dated, maybe I should have spent more time on my own, maybe we are too similar, maybe it won’t last, maybe we will discover things about each other we don’t like – nothing is for sure. All I know is that this past week has felt so so good. Maybe everything happens for a reason and all is as it should be. Who cares what will people say – they will always find something to talk about anyway. I believe in a love like this and I am going to enjoy it. It’s fascinating to discover things about each other and to be completely open and honest. I’ve never understood playing games and trying to “catch” someone. We are both whole and complete on our own, and we just want to share with each other and enjoy. Whatever this is, it feels free and alive. Unbound and unburdened by conventions, definitions and a fixed outline. Now, more french kisses, please. I can get used to this… easily…