If I Lay Here

I sense that making love to Dylan will feel like the real thing, for he is free. He really challenged my fiancé and our friends the night we met by talking about how predictable our lives are and how we are enslaved by our jobs/status. He proceeded to suggest that we should jump on a train and simply experience the unknown – unprepared, risking it all, no direction. Simply the freedom to be. Naturally, everyone dismissed the idea as silly and impractical, a pointless rebellion that would lead to finding oneself in jail. However, the spark in my eyes matched the glow in his and there and then we just knew we were birds of a feather. The passion… I miss the passion. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s so powerful and magnetic. This man is pure passion, he lives for an ideal and he is me in a male body. Here to remind me what I have started to forget. What I live for and who I am… so much more beyond the perceived image of self everyone seems to know.