Two Hearts

Alone together, at last. Nervously, I started tidying up the space, collecting leftover ordoeuvre plates and empty glasses. He joined in, perfect harmony between us. Suddenty, I realized I was starving – I had been so busy talking to people the whole evening that I had only had a couple of bites to eat. Brie with fig jam and crackers sounded amazing and I was in luck since there was some left. I took a cracker, smeared the cheese on it with the little knife, put some jam on top then devoured it with delight. Next thing I knew, Dylan was standing beside me watching me eat. He gently placed his hand on mine, released the the little knife from grip of my fingers and proceeded to prepare another cracker. When it was ready, he held it invitingly in front of my mouth, saying “Open”. It was both a request and a command, the look in his eyes the one of a man who knows what he wants. This time it was serious and all I could do was to oblige. Lips parting and slightly quivering, breathing getting heavy, rows of teeth separating, the cracker, the cheese, the jam his fingers touching my lips. Him and I at the empty gallery, almost no space between us. I swallowed that bite and I was going to make one for him, when he firmly grasped my hands and held them in his. Our eyes were speaking volumes. Face to face, the proximity of our bodies intensely palpable, everything so far leading up to this moment suspended in time. It was way past innocent flirting anymore, a question in his gaze. He leaned over and whispered in my ear “Can I kiss you?” and I felt as if my body was going to melt right there and then. My knees weak, eager and startled, I nodded my head “yes”. He placed his hands on my face, held me gently and our lips met. His tongue seeking mine, velvety warmth tasting so good. How I did not faint I don’t know. How did he know that this was the way I have always wanted to be kissed, I had no clue. All I could do was enjoy the perfection of it. I must have appeared very dazed and confused, because he asked me if I was ok. “Never felt better,” I murmured and he laughed. It was the sweetest thing, us standing there entwined in an embrace. At that moment we felt like one being, I could feel his heartbeat blending with mine. And then my phone rang and reality rushed back in. It was my fiancé, asking if I would like anything to eat so they could order it before the kitchen at the bar closes. I told him we would be right there and gave Dylan a look filled with longing. He nodded his head as if saying “This is life and I completely understand.” and we headed for the door. As I turned the lights off, I grabbed his hand, pulled him close and we kissed once more. How I wished we could stay there forever… We both left out a big sigh, exited our world of deep incomprehensible feelings and entered the loud commotion of the bar. Alas, modern life was too fast and busy to accommodate the budding of slow and sensual emotions.