Whatever Lola Wants

The day lingers on as I sit behind my desk and daydream… By myself at the gallery, almost no one walks in for it’s so cold and rainy out. Should I text him? I conveniently keep forgetting that he has a girlfriend and I am engaged. Lately details don’t matter, the intensity of the feelings between us so strong that it makes all else fade away. Just when I reach out to grab the phone, a message from him comes through. We must be connected telepathically. “Are you at work?” he asks, “Come by”, I answer. Silence. We both hesitate. Is this wrong of us? “Are you sure?, he gives me a way out. “Yes”, I don’t take it, fully aware of what can transpire. I sit and wait and it seems like an eternity passes by. Will he come? My heart races, somehow I know he is on his way. Eyes focused on the door, it’s getting dark out, just about time for me to close the gallery and go home. He appears around the corner, black coat on, wet with raindrops, smelling of cigarettes. I would have hated that on anyone else, but on him it’s perfect. I open the door, let him in and lock behind him. We are both nervous, his eyes questioning. I tell him there is no one else around, as I turn the main lights off. We melt in a hug together, I can’t believe this is real. The music is still on and “Whatever Lola Wants” plays. How ironic… “Are you Lola?”, he asks and I smile shyly and say “How did you know?”. That’s all it takes, my face in his hands, kissing passionately. This man surely knows how to make my knees weak. I pull him to the back of the gallery, in a little nook by the steps. Mouths devouring each other, everything we have been desperately holding in pouring out. His hands all over my body, gliding under my sweater dress, pulling my leggings down. The realness of it is startling, I don’t want him to stop. His fingers find it, the wetness. It’s all for him and drives him crazy. He pushes me against the wall and I can feel every inch of his strong body on mine. My leggings are on the ground, his belt comes off and our eyes meet. “Are you sure you want this?”, he whispers. ‘Yes,” I moan, and at this moment I know that this is what I have lived my whole life for. To feel him inside of me is pure bliss. He holds me tight and gently lays my body on the steps, while still between my legs. “If I keep going, I won’t be able to stop. Are you sure?”. All I have is a “Yes!” that comes from the depths of my being, mind completely turned off. So he keeps going. And it’s incredible. We are there, two bodies as one. Very primal and super spiritual at the same time. The world vanishes, I surrender completely to his way, I want to have him inside of me forever. How can something so beautiful and pure be so wrong? His gaze on mine, we climax together and Love pours out of every pore. “I love you,” he murmurs as he lays his head on my chest. I hold him tight and whisper “I love you” in his ear. Legs wrapped around him, my back bruised by the steps, but I don’t care for at this moment I am in Heaven. If Hell is burning with passion and desire, might as well go there.