What We Live For: Poetry, Beauty and Love

Sir Shakeshaft and I are continuing our playful collaboration, he has officially pronounced me his muse of poetic inspiration and this morning we exchanged the following conversation:


Sir Shakeshaft: But how does it feel to be appreciated so much, and the inspiration for my words?

Ava: It feels great, it feels like fun, it feels like playful and creative, it feels like me, it feels exciting, it feels like we are meeting in spaces of poetry and language and sensuality and passion where all other artists living and dead still dwell and where all is alive and vibrating with vigor, oozing with succulence, madly in love with life. It feels like what I came into this physical existence to do – express myself and co-create with others on the same wavelength.


Being a muse is something quite new, yet it feels like what I was born to do. Creating art that inspires, like a spark quickening wildfires.

Enjoy these couple of beautiful verses Sir Shakeshaft sent me these past two days along with images I created especially for them this morning – you don’t have to be in the same physical space with another to co-create, it’s a vibrational alignment.

Lágrimas de Saudade

Crying into the quiet, a lovely sound
As Dreams in mind will ever rapture
And blithe tears will hit the ground
Both vague & constant desires capture

We may not have the stars forever
Love hurts as much, as it ever inspires
The Moon & Earth must dance together 
As we step into these passionate fires

If I should wander and find your feet
Might I hold your heart as any hand
For seas are sailed to make complete
And skies are flown to another’s land

Longing maketh any journey sweeter
As those thoughts of warmth increase
Liketh cold toes by the Ardor of the heater
We’re naked wrapped in a downy fleece

And as your cheek upon my chest
Your fingers search in hope to find
I can feel how delicate be your breast
And kiss your head to make love to 
your mind. 

Agora temos nosso próprio Saudade
Esses desejos ardentes desejam
Se eu pudesse te dar cada sombra
Você saberia que pertencemos a nós

{We now have our own Saudade 
Those ardent desires longing
If I could gift you every shade
You would know of us belonging}

Sir. Shakeshaft 🥀