I find that the more I experience life, the more I uncover so many things that nobody told me. Maybe they did not know, maybe they did not ask questions, maybe they were satisfied with the half-answers they got, maybe they were not curious enough to find out for themselves, or they did but what they found differed from the mainstream accepted beliefs so they kept silent about it… We learn through stories and it’s beautiful when we are brave enough to share our experience in this world openly and freely, without judgement or fear of what-will-others-think. A topic that not so many people talk about is menopause, and my friend Susanne and her team at NOBODYTOLDME are advocating for women to manage menopause ourselves. Know thyself, what I advocate a lot too – encouraging open and honest conversations and sharing what we have learned through experience. Susanne found my images on Unsplash and used a lot of them for the website/blog, which I am truly honored. It also brought to our attention that women over 50 do not get a lot of representation in the media, so maybe there is a future photo project in the works. Somehow I found myself on the NOBODYTOLDME team, which is a new adventure in itself.

I am so much in flow that traditional descriptions won’t do… 😉