Practical Magic

who are you? – who were you made to believe you are? – can you be many splendid things? – are you a singular consciousness expressing itself in many forms? – taking the well-trodden path or choosing the unknown? – can you jump timelines? – assuming the consciousness of your desire brings it into manifestation/your experience – asking the big questions here and answering them for myself – naturally, do your own self-searching and see what you come up with 😉

self concept and timelines

Flip The Script

are you the main character in your life or a victim of circumstance? – what programs are you running on? – so many different realities are possible – what you believe is true for you and you find evidence for it – creation starts from inside out, not the other way round – you just might be the center of your world, knowingly or not… – “we accept the reality of the world with which we are presented”… or we change it consciously if we do not like it and create one that we love… you’ve got the power, use it wisely

new record

Go Deep

what do you mean when you say “I love you”… I am really going deep with this one, but that’s where I want to be met… take it slow, go at your own pace, but keep moving closer toward Self

dance with me


what if we have forgotten what is natural to us and have suppressed our inner knowing/feeling so deep that we cannot hear it? what if we started remembering and listening? what if no guru or leader is needed to come to wholeness? what if none of this is what I said in this voice memo, but that’s what I mean through my examples from personal experience?… what if… all the possibilities… and pineapples 😉


C’est La Vie: Private Party

how far can you go? – will you go down low? – truth is always present but how much are we ready to see depends on our own free will – not everyone wants to face their deepest shadows and that’s ok – go with your own pace, follow your own gut feeling – honor and respect others – everyone is exactly where they need to be – when one is ready to wake up they will – you energetically connect with the ones you vibe on the same frequency with, no need to argue with the ones who do not – be gentle – all is you – live your life as you see fit and allow others to do the same – we are as free as we want to be

private party

Can You Feel The Love…

addiction and intimacy explained through concentric circles – i could be a life coach if i wanted – how can you let another in if you shut yourself out? – the fear of facing and knowing oneself – heal your own layers of emotional trauma not by avoiding them through distractions, but plunging into them until you come to wholeness – why no one can save you from yourself – ironically, what we look for without is always within – underneath the muck of conditioning and right/wrong beliefs, only Love remains – maybe pandora’s box is more like a magician’s hat -be curiously courageous – becoming intimate with oneself allows the opportunity to meet others deeply – deeply…

can you feel the love?

O Tempora, O Mores

exploring the fascinating nature of reality based on long-held thought forms solidified in the form of beliefs – which ones to discard, which ones to keep? – sharing my experiential experimental views on the subject


As You Like It…

how conditioning happens – your mind is like a sponge – what are you absorbing – sift through and choose consciously what to keep – the matrix as a framework – understanding brings wisdom – you can follow the program most do or push the boundaries and consciously create – automatons get boring – artists and inventors bring in new ideas – the middle ground: learn the rules and then expand – follow the inner feeling – define yourself as you like and do not be confined by outward agreements – the only person standing in your way is you – from limitation to freedom – everyone at their own pace – the power of myth and story – we are re-creating the same old differently – so many ways to combine the same basic elements – direct your own movie if you have the courage to live your dreams – observe yourself and do it consciously through the power of intention – allow yourself to be conditioned by others or brainwash yourself and re-condition yourself as you like – choose your mental and emotional diet accordingly – experiment with it, be aware and notice the results yourself – never take my word for it – try it –

as you like it


going with the flow – sharing the truth about Ava Sol {which is constantly unfolding} – from fruitful darkness though sudden realizations into emptiness – living in presence and quiet contentment – then a desire came along with a vision – intention was set before that – an experiment in raw expression and being real – putting all I did not know to do with into one – saudade – allowing myself to live in my depth and love it – embracing all parts of self – go big or go home, yet you go home either way – what’s there to lose? – my world is for me to be truly myself in – if we attract what we are, could I become true and love – earth as a classroom/game – we align based on our frequency – change starts from within – in the end, it’s all for love – giving my all and having fun with it, detached from an outcome – expressing what comes through – here to experience it all

that’s that


what’s happening? – a shift in collective consciousness – where do you stand? – allow to be transformed from within, instead of pointing fingers without – drop all layers of conditioning and claim your sovereignty (when you are ready) – how can you get out of prison if you are not aware you live in one – it’s a gradual process of exiting the matrix of duality and stepping into unity – sacred marriage of the self – balancing the opposing energies within – go for it asap – peace within manifests as peace without – all is self – free yourself – let’s play together and have the joyful experience we came here for – don’t make me feel like i am in first grade again, knowing how to read while everyone else is still learning ;-p – release, let go, allow ego death to happen – surrender to source/sprit/love and allow the energy to move you into inspired action following your intention – spontaneous living in the here and now – take an adventure – all is available – play with the universe – ask for what you want and follow your internal GPS to get you there – heart/mind aligned, focused energy on what you want – soul powered/guided – here to love/be love

beyond duality into unity {practical guide for navigating this realm based on personal experience}