Sacred Union

“Sacred Union” is a collection of self portraits with plants that was born on its own, sparked by my inner journey of meeting my true self and a bundle of dried purple flowers. The images were coming through seeking expression and I allowed/translated them into being. My body, a vessel, the plants complementing its shape and form. Camera, tripod, remote, me, no clothes, white wall, nature, love, unity, timelessness, ease, grace, simplicity. Every plant is unique, every image came with its own poem, all barely edited, au naturel.

Enjoy the fruits of this creative flow and the inspired lines that came with them – a result of me sitting with myself, bringing all kinds of random weeds to my apartment, taking photos and embracing/uniting/harmonizing all seeming opposites within.

101 1/1 NFTs

With love, Ava ♥

P.S. You can use the collection as an oracle – see what image draws you and read the poem that goes with it 😉

“Sacred Union” on OpenSea

Ava & Anais: The Journey Within

If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love another. How do you love the Self if you don’t know it? You look within, face it all and accept it… easier said than done, but not impossible. Then something beautiful follows…

I have always had a natural inclination to look inside myself, and when I first discovered Anais Nin’s quotes, I loved her soul right away. So, this happened…

Sometimes you can find yourself in another that speaks your language. When I first read one of Anaïs Nin’s quotes I felt immediate kinship. Books can be a window to the world, but her writing is a wide open door to her soul.

Fascinated by the journey within and the mysteries it hides, Anaïs ventured courageously inward and shared her findings through strings of words. I, on the other hand, have been using self portraits to document my descent into the psyche. It was only natural to put the two together.

“Anais Nin & Ava Sol” is a collection uniting two women who shared the same world in different times. What she said is what I felt and we both expressed the excess. Uniting darkness and light, making sense of the outer through the inner, transcending limitations and dwelling in the depths two souls connected through time and space lonely, yet not alone.

Enjoy the meeting of my photographs and her quotes as 1/1 NFTs on OpenSea. Because I have to take her into the future with me.

Can you co-create with somebody who is not in a body anymore? We do it all the time without knowing, for there is no other…The collection reads like a story with Anais’ quotes and my visuals. Enjoy 🙂


Every soul comes with songs to sing and they can take many shapes and forms. Particles of oneness, never separate only appearing so, we are here to experience ourselves and express our unique self in ever new and original ways. Sometimes we blend and merge to create something greater together, and this is how “soulsongs” were born. An alchemy between my photography and my soul sister Ioana Gheorghiu’s poetry/typography, these free-flowing soul gifts are now out into the world. Looking forward to sharing more of this effortless, exciting and enchanting collaboration with you ❤️

Fly Away

The featured photo is a beautiful artistic co-creation with Seamless… maybe it’s time to fly away… always exploring new horizons…

Some women birth babies
Some - worlds.
Others - both.
Whatever floats your boat.

- Ava Sol

Go For It… Now

That one time when soul brother VavRaahi re-imagined my voice memos to music, elevating and transforming them…

go for it…

between soul & bone

Powerful alchemy between two fellow dreamers: the new cover of “between soul & bone” by my amazing friend Ioana Gheorghiu! She messaged me one evening last week with ideas for redesigning the cover of her magical poetry book for its one year anniversary, and very the next day this co-creation was born! I could not be more honored, since every time I read her words they deeply touch my soul. If you are longing for home, fellow dreamer, this book is for you – it will take you on a journey through the inner landscapes of the mystery of being human and stir the re:membering within you.

gorgeous new cover design by Ioana Gheorghiu, using one of my images on Unsplash