Perfect Love

relationships with others – relating to everything – the relationship with self as a mirror to all other relationships – are you looking for an intimate relationship because of fear of being alone/face yourself – do you seek others to avoid yourself – lack is not a very stable foundation – turn within and see what’s there – how to develop a good relationship with self – what are your needs and can you fulfill them – the good, the bad and the ugly – feel it all – love it all – and more…

perfect relationship

On Off In Of

the cycles of change/growth – feeling off – discontent – invitation for expansion – presence – awareness – feeling it all – consciousness – transmuting energy and alchemy – maybe it’s not about making sense but simply perceiving and experiencing

on and off and on again

Spirit Play

what is spirituality? – can it be that we already have it? – sharing with you how I have been experiencing – it starts with a nudging feeling that there is something more than this – and then you go exploring – embracing it all – no right or wrong way to do it – you can have fun and express it creatively – surely it will be messy, but why not? – stay open – only you know how to be you


Be Creative

can you just be? from the nothingness/unlimited potential of pure being, simply flowing and forever becoming and unbecoming


Be Still And Know

…that You Are God (and everyone else is too, and you are them, and we are here to play)

truly free

Love Letter

I just did a voice recording to tell you that I love you in the space where you are me and I am you and we are Love… let’s all embody Love together and remember who we are – not just today, but every day! Pouring wisdom on you in a casual every-day manner 😉

love letter

A Change Is Gonna Come/Coming/Here Now

change – such a fascinating topic – life is change – being in the flow = accepting things as they come – surrender to the current – give up the need to control the outside – life becomes more like a dance/song – moving with your inner rhythms – may look strange on the outside – have you seen The Green Beautiful?- watch it, it’s so good – why do we do the things that we do when so many of them are completely unnatural? – why don’t we all have fruit trees in our yard/public spaces? – “new” ideas take time to break through/be accepted, because they require change – comfort/habit/laziness/fear of the unknown/pride/power makes us want to cling to old ideas/ways of doing things – so much of our old paradigm is in need of dire change, and we are slowly but surely going through it – as within, so without – be gentle with yourself and your pace – when you truly have the desire/motivation you will change accordingly -take it easy – focus on yourself and be the observer – patience and practice makes real – I see you, beautiful human, you are Life personified – rock on the divine spark that you are! 🙂


Memento Mori

we are all going to die… are you truly living is the question?

memento mori

Running With The Wolves

perfect synchronicity – do you ever pick up books at the perfect time for you and see yourself mirrored in the pages? – I do all the time – my last two posts echoed in Clarissa Pinkola Estes eloquent words – a perfect example of how all aligns – life responds to the energy we put out

perfect timing

Winged Victory

the best relationship you will ever have – on the gifts of aloneness – face yourself, plunge into the darkness, allow transformation to take place, ascend, receive your gifts and come back reborn – what you are looking to receive, find within – sit with yourself, get to know who you are – accept it all – so much wealth inside of you… – give from overflowing – it takes some digging, but it’s so worth it – will you take the dance of self discovery? – when you establish a good relationship with Self all other relationships bloom and you discover there is no other…

flying solo, but never alone