I am {insert here what you want to be}

My gift to you – listen before bed or first thing when you wake up – you can record your own version if you like – remember, what you think/feel, you become{,} Love – you are the captain of your ship, you got this 😉

I am

The Middle Way

is the middle a point or a space? – are you stuck in the middle or exploring the vastness between the extremes? – is fear keeping you at bay or is curiosity making you move and find out for yourself? – and much more in this episode of Ava talks to herself whisperingly in the bath tub where she receives ideas…

the middle way


what do you believe in? – do you let the outside define you or are you looking inward? – here is your wake up kiss – can you feel yourself as a part of a bigger harmonious whole – suffering is here to show you who you are – all is one – remember, ground, connect – observe nature – be present – you are part of it all and all of it at the same time – all religions are based in the same spirituality – you are spirit in a body – direct your own movie – see the paradox – lucid dream awake – navigate the dream through thoughts, feelings and intention – what you agree with becomes real to you – choose what feels good – follow your own in-tuition – create from wholeness and love – why separate when all is one – there is no enemy – to create peace be peace and resonate on that frequency – all is opinions, don’t react, respond instead – the game is actually fun – as within so without – one player is playing all parts – no winners, no losers, only expansion – don’t be afraid of the void – recreate the drama or imagine it as you like it 😉

Good Morning KISS

Why So Serious?

quit messing around… mess around my way instead… {naturally if you want to, naturally}… 😛

all in your hands…

Heaven on Earth How To

do you think you can change? – who is standing in your way? – only you – excuses galore – how bad do you want it – the confines of comfort – the grapes are always sour – are you ready to take responsibility? – you have the power – define your future in the now – don’t let your mind/the past hold you back – be present in the present – see yourself doing/being/having all that you desire – be glad and grateful – life is a gift – you are the star of your own movie – create it now

create now

Return To Yourself

{you might need headphones for this} – what do you desire – a bunch of randomness – the magical powers of the imagination – out of your mind and into your heart – like when you have sex – go to that space daily – allow your thoughts to come in and out – the place where we are one – remember – bliss, peace – flow like water

sweet nothings

A Movable Feast

what are the random things that constantly go through your mind – dust particles and sunlight – bald spots like countries – why strive for a made-up ideal – we are taking the game so seriously – break the habit – is too much knowledge actually hurting us – our bodies are so amazing – everything from above looks so different – many lives in one – we each exist in our own reality – beyond any identity – constant motion

things to think about (or not)

I Want Your…

Figure it out yourself…


Find Me In The Circus

Forever looking for you… Now that I have found you, find me…

find me