Reflections & 50+ Ways to Wear a Reflector

eyes unlock memories
long kept
of past forgotten
timelines merging
futures wide open
recognizing yourself
in another
the version trailing by
shape shifting
to a different reality
where time
speeds up
as the breath
slows down
to reveal
the possibilities
of now
in your image
staring at the mirror.
your should have
but this moment

Alphabetical Soliloquy {resulting in} Blissful Reunion {for two}

Alphabetical Soliloquy
{the ABCs redefined}

Almost audible
Blessedly born
Calmly conjured
Delicately draped
Effortlessly etched
Feelingly faint
Gladly granted
Hungrily harbored
Irregularly incidented
Justly jubileed
Keenly knighted
Longingly lush
Movingly motioned
Nearly nestled
Oddly obscure
Perfectly placed
Questioningly quiet
Remotely ravenous
Seemingly soft
Touchingly tame
Utmostly urgent
Vaporishly valid
Willingly warm
Xenially xerothermic
Yearningly yummy
Zealously zesty
{my head on your chest}

Your Song {Song of Songs}

A song-inspired Love Verse to My Dream Lover, using only song titles. My mind loves to make connections between things and layer them… For a link to the playlist, begin from the end…

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.
Sweet Thing,
Are You The One That I’ve Been Waiting For,
The Man I Love?
Mysterious Ways
Counting Stars
Couldn’t Sleep
A Thousand Years
Wishin’ & Hopin’
Heaven Help
Justify My Love.
I’ll See It Through.
I Put a Spell on You
It Will Come Back
My Moon My Man
Good For Me.
You Make Me Feel,
Sweetest Thing.
Deeper Than Shallow,
I Melt With You.

Mother Goddess

I am Mother Goddess. 
I gave birth to this world, to every single living thing in this Universe
From the grain of sand to the biggest Sun.
I love my children so much, for they are a continuation of me
and Father God.
We are contained in them, they are contained in us
An endless spiral into Infinity.
I am always here for them
Yet they have forgotten of my existence.
They long for my loving embrace
But they do not remember which is the way home.
There is a sacred doorway they need to enter
One they have kept shut for too long
The doorway of the heart.


I am wild, unexplored, uncharted
There are no maps to get to me,
Because my territory changes all the time.
There is chaos, volcanoes
Raging storms, tumultuous oceans,
Scorching deserts, volatile winds
All hiding within me.
I smile amidst it and harmony is born.
My being yearns, craves,
Destroys, devours,
Consumes and leaves behind.
My being nourishes, loves
Creates, nurtures,
Brings forth and solidifies.
I flow through time unbound
Spill out and over
Fill every crevice
Persuasive and pervasive.
My essence leaves an imprint
A taste in your mouth
A tingling in your limbs
A haunting image
Of something long lost
You once had
And now you want it back.


To hold possession over me…
Impossible save when we...are One in God/Love