It’s A Miracle

sometimes things don’t turn out as we expected, because there are better surprises in store…

don’t miss it

Perfect Timing

curiously everyone else seems to know what you are supposed to do… the question is do you allow others to run your show or do you direct it yourself?… follow your heart… or don’t… the choice is yours…

perfect timing

Feel With Me

at ease.
sitting quietly,
just breathe.
open up,
all comes at
the right time.
every moment
is sublime.

What If…

posing the question differently elicits a different view and a different answer… what if you are not a human on a spiritual journey, but a spirit on a human adventure?… let’s explore and different perspective together…one of ease, experiments, experiences and excitement… moving away from striving to become into allowing to be…

experience, exploration and excitement

Come Together

good morning {picture me drinking lemon water, no coffee just yet, enjoying the sunshine) – hello spirit playing the human game – the tree of knowledge, welcome to the world of duality, now start classifying everything into good and bad – what if all opposites comprise a whole – stay present with all and know it all shall pass – open yourself up to living – from a critic to creator – the world as a reflection of what is inside of you – let’s be brave and feel our uncomfortable e-motions – acknowledge them, allow them to move through and give way for magic to happen – somehow it all comes down to self observation, presence and letting go/feeling it all – no special techniques needed – you got what it takes, naturally – look inside you and you will see – just believe and you can be whoever you want to be – {this can be song lyrics} – make the unconscious conscious {sing this as a jingle at the end of a commercial} – might as well have fun with it 🙂

come together

Sacred Sexuality

sharing my novel concept called “leaking lust” – what is a huge turn off for me – connecting to our natural aliveness – letting shakti flow without considering it an invitation – energy never lies – own your sexuality and treat it sacredly – the importance of presence – do you always have an agenda or are you able to be sensitive to each moment – leaking lust, seeking fast gratification and seduction games might get you sex, but there is so much more beyond that – melting into true intimacy beyond gender roles and expectations – all comes down to authenticity and being aware of oneself – you might think I am trying to seduce you and you will be right: to seduce you into meeting/accepting/knowing/loving yourself by sharing my experience and natural expression with you 😉

presence and resonance

Make Your Own {Meaning}

does life have meaning? – the eternal question as seen through my perception…

make your own meaning
beauty {and meaning} are in the eyes of the beholder…

Perfect Love

relationships with others – relating to everything – the relationship with self as a mirror to all other relationships – are you looking for an intimate relationship because of fear of being alone/face yourself – do you seek others to avoid yourself – lack is not a very stable foundation – turn within and see what’s there – how to develop a good relationship with self – what are your needs and can you fulfill them – the good, the bad and the ugly – feel it all – love it all – and more…

perfect relationship

Always Dying and Giving Birth

for a moment detach and observe – what is death – how do we treat it – what is birth – how many ways are there to raise a baby – do we know anything – how much of what we do makes no sense at all – is there right or wrong – what if all is a creative expression and anything goes – like cooking – we use the same ingredients and mix them up in a multitude of ways – can you live many lives in one – steer your imagination in the direction you like – you attention is the key – become new or stay the same – your life is a creative expression – make it art

death, birth and rebirth

On Off In Of

the cycles of change/growth – feeling off – discontent – invitation for expansion – presence – awareness – feeling it all – consciousness – transmuting energy and alchemy – maybe it’s not about making sense but simply perceiving and experiencing

on and off and on again