nide portraits with plants

My All

We are part of all Nature and all Nature is a part of Us… enjoy the images of this creative flow, united in one gallery.


See the world not as it appears, but for what it truly is…

Adrift above the vastness of the
You and I
In slow motion.


Simply align….

Wing it.
Use your wings,
That is.


You cannot know the one without the other…

When it's turbulent
Just take your seat.
This too shall pass.

Something True

Limitless expansion…

You are not my sister.
You are not my brother.
You are me,
In the form of another.

So Much Depth

We are boundless…

Is there a purpose to all this?
If you try too hard,
You just might miss...
A touch, a smile, a hug, a kiss.

Effortless Ease

All blessings are yours to have…

Why expect it,
When you already have it?
Creation moves
From inside

Shine and Rise

Let’s fly together…

If they cut your wings.
Grow new ones.
For you know how to.

Tame and Wild

It’s all so simple…

Everything I know
You know.
Just allow it
And feel it flow.


Allow your riches within to shine…

All that
You are
Why wait
When all
We have
Is Now?