I Want To…

I want to live in the crevice of your neck
 Snuggle where it is warm
 Fingertips running
 Alongside your body
 New territories
 You smile
 You delight
 You look into my eyes
 We know 

Be Still And Know

…that You Are God (and everyone else is too, and you are them, and we are here to play)

truly free


what if we have forgotten what is natural to us and have suppressed our inner knowing/feeling so deep that we cannot hear it? what if we started remembering and listening? what if no guru or leader is needed to come to wholeness? what if none of this is what I said in this voice memo, but that’s what I mean through my examples from personal experience?… what if… all the possibilities… and pineapples 😉


The Pleasure Life

When I opened my e-mail this morning I was greeted by my own photo center stage in my friend Lore’s newsletter. We “met” through Unsplash, she used many of my images for her website and her purpose couldn’t be more aligned with the idea behind my photos/why I share them. How do you feel pleasure? Could it be that it’s always around/within us? The sun on your skin, the air we breathe, the tears we cry, your own touch, looking at the stars/trees… endless pleasure possibilities. Take a listen to this wonderful podcast and connect with Lore and all of her amazing offerings 🙂


it is
that simple...

Love Letter

I just did a voice recording to tell you that I love you in the space where you are me and I am you and we are Love… let’s all embody Love together and remember who we are – not just today, but every day! Pouring wisdom on you in a casual every-day manner 😉

love letter

Lightness of Being

do you identify yourself with what is on the outside or what you have found inside? It makes a HUGE difference… you are in charge of your thoughts and feelings, and they in turn create your reality…


A Change Is Gonna Come/Coming/Here Now

change – such a fascinating topic – life is change – being in the flow = accepting things as they come – surrender to the current – give up the need to control the outside – life becomes more like a dance/song – moving with your inner rhythms – may look strange on the outside – have you seen The Green Beautiful?- watch it, it’s so good – why do we do the things that we do when so many of them are completely unnatural? – why don’t we all have fruit trees in our yard/public spaces? – “new” ideas take time to break through/be accepted, because they require change – comfort/habit/laziness/fear of the unknown/pride/power makes us want to cling to old ideas/ways of doing things – so much of our old paradigm is in need of dire change, and we are slowly but surely going through it – as within, so without – be gentle with yourself and your pace – when you truly have the desire/motivation you will change accordingly -take it easy – focus on yourself and be the observer – patience and practice makes real – I see you, beautiful human, you are Life personified – rock on the divine spark that you are! 🙂


Spiritual = Sexual

what if everything is spiritual?


C’est La Vie: Private Party

how far can you go? – will you go down low? – truth is always present but how much are we ready to see depends on our own free will – not everyone wants to face their deepest shadows and that’s ok – go with your own pace, follow your own gut feeling – honor and respect others – everyone is exactly where they need to be – when one is ready to wake up they will – you energetically connect with the ones you vibe on the same frequency with, no need to argue with the ones who do not – be gentle – all is you – live your life as you see fit and allow others to do the same – we are as free as we want to be

private party