Heaven on Earth How To

do you think you can change? – who is standing in your way? – only you – excuses galore – how bad do you want it – the confines of comfort – the grapes are always sour – are you ready to take responsibility? – you have the power – define your future in the now – don’t let your mind/the past hold you back – be present in the present – see yourself doing/being/having all that you desire – be glad and grateful – life is a gift – you are the star of your own movie – create it now

create now

The Secret of Creation & Fast Track to Liberation

spilling the beans, pretty much… you are well aware that I am risking eternal damnation for sharing this… just kidding, we are no longer running on that program – change the record, it’s that simple – liberate yourself from yourself, baby 😉

the secret of creation & claim your liberation

Have It All {you already do}

“nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so” – the world of opposites and extremes – two sides of the same coin – extreme minimalist raw vegan or the richest man in the world – what is better? – all is opinions – learning to unite our differences – has all already happened? – or are we all stranger than fiction? – who is to say what is right or wrong – approaching differences with curiosity – go within, open you heart and accept it all – humanity is inside of you – we are one – different manifestation of the one for the sake of exploration – how boring it would be if we were all the same – creativity is abundant – life as a creative experience – create your own movie – appreciate the variety, everyone is here for their own sake/story – what do you desire? – bring forth into manifestation your thing – believe you already have it – feel the feeling and give thanks – focus on your own sweet self – we are in this creative experience together – everything around you somebody else imagined and brought into form – what are you creating? – you are living all timelines now – wake up, star stuff – you are existence itself – why compare and criticize, when all is you – you are immortal, eternal, limitless – have fun in this bodysuit and go for your dreams – what is there to lose when you already…

have it all


my 2 cents, haha 😉 works for me, but hey, wisdom only comes from experience… try it, maybe?

Home {Enjoy the Ride}

the story of Source (as I feel it) – infinite awareness that contains all – no beginning, no end – unconditioned consciousness – shape it as you like it – one is the loneliest number – to know yourself you need a relationship with another – burst into a multitude of forms in a fun game of hide and seek – all for the fun and expansion of it – no need for accomplishment, rather the excitement of exploration – pretty good at hiding – when you are ready to wake up, you will wake up – life implies death and vice versa – you are who you keep seeking – you are it – the unconditioned consciousness is the fabric of all existence – forms come and go, awareness remains unchanged – you are so much more than what you are currently aware of – nothing and everything at the same time – what dream do you want to be dreaming – why do we play the game – expression of kindness and love – the simple things – remembering – seeing through the eyes of Source – the walls of separation crumble – beyond labels and appearances – into truth

hide and seek (found)


Emerging, reimagined by a fellow soul… perfectly timed, as my world is emerging 😉

P.S. Go to “Her World” for the full original vision (if you want to, of course – I am not making you do anything)


why am i alive? here to love, create, expand, imagine, be, enjoy, learn, stumble, fall, stand… life is grand…

crowning, reimagined by a soulful fellow/fellow soul


unclouded by reason
i let the sunshine penetrate my being
knowing that in this illuminated space
you wait for me
and we are free

Holy and Whole

life as a more spontaneous experience – not following what others say/have arrived at/believe in – what if we follow our natural impulses and allow our intuition to guide us – allowing your soul to unfold and do its thing – enjoying the dance and not to focused on the end goal – believe in yourself more – only you know how to be you – let the magic/your gut guide you – miracles are everywhere if you have the eyes to see – stay present, stay open

believe in your magic (whole)

Love & Conception

how to bring ideas into manifestation? – everything is already created – conceive the idea and let it be – align mind and heart – no hard work – the feminine way – change your conception of yourself and see it externalize – from inside to outside – it’s that simple – if the wind noise pisses you off you are not ready to hear this yet