Who is She?

Don’t you wish you knew? If you don’t know me by now, you will never never never know me… Wait, we haven’t even met… wrong song lyrics… Maybe I am every woman… hahahaha… proper introduction below and all over…

She is mystical, mythical, lyrical, very deep, irrational, sexual, sensual, seductive, sultry, intense, intricate, insubordinate, unruly, rebellious, elusive, ephemeral, enigmatic, ethereal, eternal, magnetizing, mesmerizing, tantalizing, intuitive, chaotic, organizing, fecundate, ferocious, fragile, strong, wet, wanting, weary, sweet, shy, gentle, caring, compassionate, soft, brilliant, shining, smiling, radiant, enchanting, expanding, embracing, humble, honest, humorous, loving, bold, brave, blissful, boundless, bountiful, expressive, impressive, obsessive, extrovert-introvert, light-dark, full-empty, somebody-nobody, unifying, all encompassing, beyond words and descriptions…

mysterious woman with fun sunglasses and fishnets
She is a Beast
unrecognizable woman with a flower shirt
She Flies on Strange Wings
unrecognizable woman with a hat
She is a Mystery
unrecognizable woman holding a record
She is The One That You Want
unrecognizable woman holding a bouquet
She is a Desert Rose
unrecognizable woman holding a fan
She is Like the Wind

She can be everything, shape-shifting to what suits the moment the best, she crosses all lines, she knows no lines, she lives in curves and spirals…she comes out in photos sometimes… she recognizes herself in songsā€¦ she inspires poems… she is in the Wind the Sun the Earth the Sky the Fire the Water the Elements, she dwells in every touch and in the smallest act of kindness, she haunts the bottom of the well, the ocean floor and the blackest most moist spaces of all caves. Deeply rooted, she rises. She can be extremely destructive when she’s left unconscious to her own devices, but so very constructive and creative when heard, acknowledged and brought to the light (and loved right). She follows me wherever I go, like a shadow, looming large whenever I ignore her. She wants/needs/desires to express herself, to share her experience, her joy, her pain, her depths of beingness into the world. I am her and she is I. One. Together we are intensely alive.

unrecognizable woman with a straw hat covering her face
She Walks this Earth
woman covering her face with a vintage hat box
She is Tiny Dancer
woman with heart shaped sunglasses
She is a Soldier of Love

She is contracting and expanding all the time, dying and giving birth, renewing, experiencing and evolving, spiraling into infinity. Perfectly imperfect, for she is holy and whole. Inviting you to follow along as she opens up to the spontaneous flow of feeling it all in the NowHere…

Love Always Love