Home is the space where we are One… if my art makes you feel that vibration and you’d like to have it home with you now, you can – instantly, as an NFT 😉

Ava Sol on Foundation

The closest to an artist statement I arrived at… to define is to limit

Ava Sol is a Creatrix – wild, unbound, free. She loves expression, from inspiration to manifestation, uniting the masculine and the feminine, the human and the divine, the earthly and the cosmic through soulful self portraits exuding sensual simplicity. Returning to wholeness, remembering the truth of who we are and embodying our original essence – grateful to be traveling through this time/space continuum with you. 

Enjoy the art that flows through me and if it speaks to you make it yours.

With Love,

Ava ♥ 

“Light Being” on OpenSea
“Sacred Union” on OpenSea