Use Your Imagination…

inviting you to do some self inquiry – ******spoiler alert****** – telling you what i have found – there is no you – yes, scary and liberating at the same time – all is mind/imagination – self love becomes obsolete for your Self is Love – hmmm… – finding the sweet spot (as in balance, not sure what you were thinking) – owning your light and your darkness (for they are one too) – all is a story – there is no fiction/all is fiction – use your imagination to construct the scene you desire – expand through your true desires – express yourself – use your emotions, love them all, feel deeply, and choose how you want to feel – rise in love, stay there – enjoy your divinity in a human expression 🙂

use your imagination

Love is…

Do you really know love? What is love to you? What do you desire? Are you willing to follow Love?

what Love is to me…

The Dance of Creation

within and without are one…


The Journey of Love

the storm has come to wash you clean…


The Secret of Creation & Fast Track to Liberation

spilling the beans, pretty much… you are well aware that I am risking eternal damnation for sharing this… just kidding, we are no longer running on that program – change the record, it’s that simple – liberate yourself from yourself, baby 😉

the secret of creation & claim your liberation

Home {Enjoy the Ride}

the story of Source (as I feel it) – infinite awareness that contains all – no beginning, no end – unconditioned consciousness – shape it as you like it – one is the loneliest number – to know yourself you need a relationship with another – burst into a multitude of forms in a fun game of hide and seek – all for the fun and expansion of it – no need for accomplishment, rather the excitement of exploration – pretty good at hiding – when you are ready to wake up, you will wake up – life implies death and vice versa – you are who you keep seeking – you are it – the unconditioned consciousness is the fabric of all existence – forms come and go, awareness remains unchanged – you are so much more than what you are currently aware of – nothing and everything at the same time – what dream do you want to be dreaming – why do we play the game – expression of kindness and love – the simple things – remembering – seeing through the eyes of Source – the walls of separation crumble – beyond labels and appearances – into truth

hide and seek (found)

Jekyll and Hide

what if you are not either or, but both – we contain all – choose what you want to give expression to – go through all states so you can know yourself – things don’t always have to make sense – live and allow – in the end all connects

litterbox paws

Keep On Moving

life as a video game – different levels/states – gain experience and keep moving – we are all in different levels based on consciousness – you choose to remain in a state or keep expanding – conceive it within first and then externalize it – we connect based on where we are at – all is shifting so fast now – depression as an invitation for growth – your soul knows what it needs – how do you feel? – it’s your game, your pace, your rules- have fun

experience all


can evolution be an ongoing simultaneous happening – all exists at once – see yourself in everyone – past and future versions of you reflected in others – all is contained within you – what you focus on grows in your inner garden – the villain and the hero are one – experience all to understand and unite the duality within – all are states we go through – it’s a choice how fast we want to evolve – Earth as a classroom – remain in a state or move from it – different acts in the play – none of this is who you are – what do you think?


Meet You There

can’t sleep – let’s go for an imaginary ride – what of you were formless and nameless and anything you wish for immediately materialized – how boring would that be – so you chose to forget who you are, a.k.a. boundless energy – the one became many forgetting it is one – the game of life – sensing it all – do you remember – are you awake in the dream or still sleeping – do you identify with your roles – you are the dream and the dreamer – you choose – no need to take it all so seriously – constant expansion – listen to the music, follow the harmony and dance – allow life to live you – suffering as an opening to joy – experience and enjoy – choreograph your own dance

i will meet you there