The Secret of Creation & Fast Track to Liberation

spilling the beans, pretty much… you are well aware that I am risking eternal damnation for sharing this… just kidding, we are no longer running on that program – change the record, it’s that simple – liberate yourself from yourself, baby 😉

the secret of creation & claim your liberation

Home {Enjoy the Ride}

the story of Source (as I feel it) – infinite awareness that contains all – no beginning, no end – unconditioned consciousness – shape it as you like it – one is the loneliest number – to know yourself you need a relationship with another – burst into a multitude of forms in a fun game of hide and seek – all for the fun and expansion of it – no need for accomplishment, rather the excitement of exploration – pretty good at hiding – when you are ready to wake up, you will wake up – life implies death and vice versa – you are who you keep seeking – you are it – the unconditioned consciousness is the fabric of all existence – forms come and go, awareness remains unchanged – you are so much more than what you are currently aware of – nothing and everything at the same time – what dream do you want to be dreaming – why do we play the game – expression of kindness and love – the simple things – remembering – seeing through the eyes of Source – the walls of separation crumble – beyond labels and appearances – into truth

hide and seek (found)

Jekyll and Hide

what if you are not either or, but both – we contain all – choose what you want to give expression to – go through all states so you can know yourself – things don’t always have to make sense – live and allow – in the end all connects

litterbox paws

Keep On Moving

life as a video game – different levels/states – gain experience and keep moving – we are all in different levels based on consciousness – you choose to remain in a state or keep expanding – conceive it within first and then externalize it – we connect based on where we are at – all is shifting so fast now – depression as an invitation for growth – your soul knows what it needs – how do you feel? – it’s your game, your pace, your rules- have fun

experience all


can evolution be an ongoing simultaneous happening – all exists at once – see yourself in everyone – past and future versions of you reflected in others – all is contained within you – what you focus on grows in your inner garden – the villain and the hero are one – experience all to understand and unite the duality within – all are states we go through – it’s a choice how fast we want to evolve – Earth as a classroom – remain in a state or move from it – different acts in the play – none of this is who you are – what do you think?


Meet You There

can’t sleep – let’s go for an imaginary ride – what of you were formless and nameless and anything you wish for immediately materialized – how boring would that be – so you chose to forget who you are, a.k.a. boundless energy – the one became many forgetting it is one – the game of life – sensing it all – do you remember – are you awake in the dream or still sleeping – do you identify with your roles – you are the dream and the dreamer – you choose – no need to take it all so seriously – constant expansion – listen to the music, follow the harmony and dance – allow life to live you – suffering as an opening to joy – experience and enjoy – choreograph your own dance

i will meet you there

Your Dreams Are Calling

why am i doing these recordings – what movie are you starring in – have you been paying attention to your inner dialogue – what beliefs are you believing in – surviving or thriving – examine all – are you dreaming from fear/lack or abundance/love – believe in yourself – you are worthy – dream yourself where you want to be – focus your energy on what you want – you control the channels – give yourself the role you want

what dream are you dreaming

Moon Magic and Feline Wisdom

a cat that loves blueberries – what boxes are you putting yourself in – examine your limiting beliefs – tabula rasa – be like a child – see the world with wonder – simplicity – no need to struggle – cats are chill – you will only get what you give to yourself – assume that you are worthy of having what you desire – believe – cats are awesome – change your core belief – manifest from love – my cat loves cherries too and most red fruit – take time to be present and revel in the mystery – it’s all fun and games, literally – you decide – the bells are chiming – try it for yourself – as within so without

blueberry moon and cats

You, You & You

water sounds – breathing sounds – whispers – water messages – where do you derive your sense of self from – outside definitions and roles – inner being – approval and validation – who are you living for – the opinions of others – add-ons to be enough – shut off outside noise – shhhhh – quiet – the voice inside knows – embrace the mystery – harmonize – surrender – allow – effortless – simply gliding – are you who you think you are, who others assume you to be, or an ever-expansive i am – release and trust – what happens when you put one foot on top of the other?… try it and see – peeling the layers

the vast and the brilliant

Dream it, Do it, Done! {Orgasmic Energy}

remember how you imagined things when you were little – what happened to the games we played – why not keep imagining – work as play – forget to remember – deeper inner knowing – all that exists began as something first imagined – what thoughts are you entertaining – you are an immortal being – imagine what you want and connect with the feeling – let’s create the world of our dreams stemming from love, harmony, peace – sexual energy is your creative energy – connect to it in a pure natural way – orgasmic bliss for manifestation – got your attention? listen to the rest, it’s the sweetest part

what did you forget?