Perfect Timing

curiously everyone else seems to know what you are supposed to do… the question is do you allow others to run your show or do you direct it yourself?… follow your heart… or don’t… the choice is yours…

perfect timing

Inner Visions

Ava Sol came through a vision in a response to a vision… the realm of ideas is accessible to all… are you living your own vision or somebody else’s? – do you feel the new earth? – let the old go and make room for the new – enjoy the journey and go with your own flow/pace


Lightness of Being

do you identify yourself with what is on the outside or what you have found inside? It makes a HUGE difference… you are in charge of your thoughts and feelings, and they in turn create your reality…


Two Become One

life is pretty simple, but we insist on making it complicated… remember…

two become one

Into The Wild

are you staying on the well-trodden path or taking the road less traveled and creating your own way? – no right or wrong, simply what you want and do you have the courage to go after it – will you allow the outside world to define you and demand your attention or decide who you are and be that deliberately?

into the wild

What’s cookin’?

life offers you its bountiful variety – contrast is for you to try, pick and choose – once you know what you like/want/enjoy, focus on that – that’s it, if you want to get your satisfaction, baby – you are the master chef, the kitchen, the ingredients, your best customer, you are it


Live Present

are you here now? stay present with me…


Heart & Mind Aligned

the only person standing in your way is you… so, move over! 😉

Heart & Mind Aligned


I was dancing before I recorded this… 😉 It’s a short, but deep one… might have just magic-wanded your life into a fairy tale… you are welcome 🙂

two become one…

Being Alive

what makes you feel alive? do you do enough of it? can you be fully present to life?

on aliveness