Emerging, reimagined by a fellow soul… perfectly timed, as my world is emerging 😉

P.S. Go to “Her World” for the full original vision (if you want to, of course – I am not making you do anything)


why am i alive? here to love, create, expand, imagine, be, enjoy, learn, stumble, fall, stand… life is grand…

crowning, reimagined by a soulful fellow/fellow soul

Love Dreaming

Could it be, that you and I are caught in the same dream?

dreaming within the dream


Make a no-matter-what choice to be happy by accepting what is, allowing, releasing, not clinging and being here now… all passes, except the silent awareness that simply observes

here now

Love Fool

you are love – hold yourself – know that – be that

how to love yourself

A Lot Like Love/Some Like It Hot

love like coffee – there are so many ways to coffee – black short long strong dark roast light roast french press cold-pressed with sugar with cream espresso americano – no better or worse, just different – maybe love is the same – we all express it in unique ways – connect with the place of Love within – unique manifestations of Love – match up with somebody who expresses love like you do

love coffee/coffee love

Beyond Comfort: Ready, Set, Go!

Are you stuck in a loop? What are you waiting for? Be fully yourself, now… come on…

what are you waiting for

All You Need/Want

search within – go deep – it’s always been there – love yourself completely – from within to without – become Love and your true love magically appears

how to find true love

Instruction Manual

Basically, no rules apply, so everything you know you can throw out of the door… the Now beckons…

futile questions