Maybe it’s not about getting to the end, but enjoying the journey/dance… Maybe it’s not what you are looking at, but how you are looking at it that matters… Maybe it’s all about how deep you are willing to dive… Maybe the job of an oracle is to confuse you more, so you can learn to trust yourself… Maybe je ne sais quois… Or maybe I know now… Go fish for yourself – you never know what you are going to find… 😉


what did you forget? – who are you? – what are you here for? – can light exist without dark? – maybe all opposites comprise a whole? – maybe you are here to remember? – maybe it’s all a game of hide and seek you came to play? – maybe we fall apart so we can come together again differently/better? – maybe all points to the same thing? – is there another? – is all a mirror? – is there anything else but Love? – maybe nature has the answers? – maybe your nature knows it all? – maybe there’s no rush to find out? – maybe it’s all about enjoying the dance in the now/know

summed up

“what will you do with this one precious life?” – ahhhh…. all the possibilities!! 🧚🏻‍♀️ 

Oh Joy Begin!

How do you feel about expressing your joy? Can you fully do it? What does it mean to feel our feelings? All of them? Deeply too… and share them… profound realizations ensue {which are so simple, that it’s funny} 🙂

happy happy joy joy!


what does it mean? let me not break it down for you this time…


It’s A Miracle

sometimes things don’t turn out as we expected, because there are better surprises in store…

don’t miss it

Sacred Sexuality

sharing my novel concept called “leaking lust” – what is a huge turn off for me – connecting to our natural aliveness – letting shakti flow without considering it an invitation – energy never lies – own your sexuality and treat it sacredly – the importance of presence – do you always have an agenda or are you able to be sensitive to each moment – leaking lust, seeking fast gratification and seduction games might get you sex, but there is so much more beyond that – melting into true intimacy beyond gender roles and expectations – all comes down to authenticity and being aware of oneself – you might think I am trying to seduce you and you will be right: to seduce you into meeting/accepting/knowing/loving yourself by sharing my experience and natural expression with you 😉

presence and resonance

As You Believe

taking you all across the board of creation/my mind because this is what I think about before I go to bed… the masculine/feminine energies – the conscious and subconscious mind – coming into balance/wholeness – embracing your body/sexuality – how vitally important your thoughts/feelings are – nothing is good or bad, it’s how you use it – focused energy with aligned intention results in creation – decide what you want and believe you already have it – it can be abstract, like love, truth, peace, freedom – change starts within – and so much more… 😉

as you believe

Spiritual = Sexual

what if everything is spiritual?


Feel It Out

why we do the things that we do – so many ways to explain it – depends how you look at it – what program are you running on – do you know you have a choice? – now you do! – oh, the places you will go – feel it out – freeing your mind can be scary – sort though your beliefs and keep the ones that feel good – difficulties provide contrast and we can choose to become wiser through them – let go of the past – start thinking about what you want – what are you thinking and feeling before you fall asleep? – that’s who you become – all is states/moods – feel the wish fulfilled and discover you have all within – repetition must be the mother of learning… 😉

your choice, always


“Alice in Wonderland” – a journey of self-awareness and empowerment – so many layers in art for us to uncover – it’s all in your subconscious – how far will you go – it’s your choice weather you will face yourself – will you go down the rabbit hole to become whole? – remember your muchness – fear, doubt and insecurity are the enemy within – watch it closely until it vanishes – unfold your potential – it might intimidate others – do it anyway, embody your authentic self – all is imagination – go gladly mad – follow your intuition – create your wonderland