Sacred Sexuality

sharing my novel concept called “leaking lust” – what is a huge turn off for me – connecting to our natural aliveness – letting shakti flow without considering it an invitation – energy never lies – own your sexuality and treat it sacredly – the importance of presence – do you always have an agenda or are you able to be sensitive to each moment – leaking lust, seeking fast gratification and seduction games might get you sex, but there is so much more beyond that – melting into true intimacy beyond gender roles and expectations – all comes down to authenticity and being aware of oneself – you might think I am trying to seduce you and you will be right: to seduce you into meeting/accepting/knowing/loving yourself by sharing my experience and natural expression you 😉

presence and resonance

As You Believe

taking you all across the board of creation/my mind because this is what I think about before I go to bed… the masculine/feminine energies – the conscious and subconscious mind – coming into balance/wholeness – embracing your body/sexuality – how vitally important your thoughts/feelings are – nothing is good or bad, it’s how you use it – focused energy with aligned intention results in creation – decide what you want and believe you already have it – it can be abstract, like love, truth, peace, freedom – change starts within – and so much more… 😉

as you believe

Spiritual = Sexual

what if everything is spiritual?


Feel It Out

why we do the things that we do – so many ways to explain it – depends how you look at it – what program are you running on – do you know you have a choice? – now you do! – oh, the places you will go – feel it out – freeing your mind can be scary – sort though your beliefs and keep the ones that feel good – difficulties provide contrast and we can choose to become wiser through them – let go of the past – start thinking about what you want – what are you thinking and feeling before you fall asleep? – that’s who you become – all is states/moods – feel the wish fulfilled and discover you have all within – repetition must be the mother of learning… 😉

your choice, always


“Alice in Wonderland” – a journey of self-awareness and empowerment – so many layers in art for us to uncover – it’s all in your subconscious – how far will you go – it’s your choice weather you will face yourself – will you go down the rabbit hole to become whole? – remember your muchness – fear, doubt and insecurity are the enemy within – watch it closely until it vanishes – unfold your potential – it might intimidate others – do it anyway, embody your authentic self – all is imagination – go gladly mad – follow your intuition – create your wonderland


I am {insert here what you want to be}

My gift to you – listen before bed or first thing when you wake up – you can record your own version if you like – remember, what you think/feel, you become{,} Love – you are the captain of your ship, you got this 😉

I am

The Middle Way

is the middle a point or a space? – are you stuck in the middle or exploring the vastness between the extremes? – is fear keeping you at bay or is curiosity making you move and find out for yourself? – and much more in this episode of Ava talks to herself whisperingly in the bath tub where she receives ideas…

the middle way


what do you believe in? – do you let the outside define you or are you looking inward? – here is your wake up kiss – can you feel yourself as a part of a bigger harmonious whole – suffering is here to show you who you are – all is one – remember, ground, connect – observe nature – be present – you are part of it all and all of it at the same time – all religions are based in the same spirituality – you are spirit in a body – direct your own movie – see the paradox – lucid dream awake – navigate the dream through thoughts, feelings and intention – what you agree with becomes real to you – choose what feels good – follow your own in-tuition – create from wholeness and love – why separate when all is one – there is no enemy – to create peace be peace and resonate on that frequency – all is opinions, don’t react, respond instead – the game is actually fun – as within so without – one player is playing all parts – no winners, no losers, only expansion – don’t be afraid of the void – recreate the drama or imagine it as you like it 😉

Good Morning KISS

Why So Serious?

quit messing around… mess around my way instead… {naturally if you want to, naturally}… 😛

all in your hands…