Heaven on Earth How To

do you think you can change? – who is standing in your way? – only you – excuses galore – how bad do you want it – the confines of comfort – the grapes are always sour – are you ready to take responsibility? – you have the power – define your future in the now – don’t let your mind/the past hold you back – be present in the present – see yourself doing/being/having all that you desire – be glad and grateful – life is a gift – you are the star of your own movie – create it now

create now

Return To Yourself

{you might need headphones for this} – what do you desire – a bunch of randomness – the magical powers of the imagination – out of your mind and into your heart – like when you have sex – go to that space daily – allow your thoughts to come in and out – the place where we are one – remember – bliss, peace – flow like water

sweet nothings

A Movable Feast

what are the random things that constantly go through your mind – dust particles and sunlight – bald spots like countries – why strive for a made-up ideal – we are taking the game so seriously – break the habit – is too much knowledge actually hurting us – our bodies are so amazing – everything from above looks so different – many lives in one – we each exist in our own reality – beyond any identity – constant motion

things to think about (or not)

I Want Your…

Figure it out yourself…


Find Me In The Circus

Forever looking for you… Now that I have found you, find me…

find me

Vegan Biscuits & Deep {ASMR-ish} Wisdom Whisperings

one thing leads to another – if you believe it will work out, it will; if you believe that it won’t, it will not – wisdom tooth story – the deeper meaning underneath it all

vegan biscuits and wisdom whisperings

Wet Wet Wet: I Am, He Is, We Are

ice ice baby – it’s storming – taking a bath – frozen cherries and blueberries – feeling the water caressing me – all so wet – asmr sounds – water is so amazing – liquid, steam, ice – be like water – be flexible and flowing – take on the shape and form of whatever you are put in – become responsive – water naturally knows what to do – bless your water – the human body is such a mystery – love and appreciate it – we are a drop of the ocean and the ocean itself – surrender to the motion

like water {ASMR}

Let Me Blow Ya…

… mind… what did you think? Not that kind of girl… or am I? I guess we can only guess… why define me, when we can have so much fun with no walls attached to a box… Wide open, my mind likes to wander… enjoy…

major revelation: you are creating your own reality, for realz

Fruit Loops

What do you think about when you wake up in the morning? I think about fruit salad and I wonder what he tastes like…

the secret to a good fruit salad {wait for it}