True Love IS REAL

I have dreamt of/yearned for true love my whole life, and kept getting closer and closer. When I started this blog, I had completely devoted myself to following Love and being a channel for Source. I knew that true love must exist and the place to look for it would be not in a person/place/deity outside, but within – this site has been the product of my artistic search/self-inquiry. Having finally completed my hero’s journey, I can present you with the simplest of discoveries. True Love IS REAL and simply means to be true to one’s nature, which is Love. It’s simple, but it requires constant remembering/practice/embodiment. When you are TRUE to yourself and move from the LOVE that you are, you are connected to all which is you/Love. Most people, however, are not awake to/aware of their true nature, and that’s the purpose of a Buddha – to shine more light on the darkness of ignorance/forgetting through their presence/awareness/energy. True Love is always shared/available, for we are never separate, yet you need to be aware/awake enough to stay tapped into that vibrational frequency and feel it even amidst seeming separation. When you hold/are it, you allow others to have glimpses of awakening/enlightenment/remembering and to experience their true nature through you. Nature and animals greatly help us with this, for they are true to their nature/show unconditional love.

My 2019 insights… the concept is very simple/self-explanatory, it’s the awareness/constant practice that’s tricky/takes time to fully embody. When we embrace ourselves fully, light and dark, we can extend that unconditional love to others.
The crystalized version from yesterday – it’s so simple, it makes me laugh 😉

Of course, sharing true love with another awakened being who you also happen to be attracted to and have matching personalities is the true dream that everyone has – very doable/possible when you do the inner work of remembering/uncovering your true nature first 🙂 So the questions are: Are you TRUE? Are you LOVE? Are you embodying it? What was found had never been lost…

Anais & Ava as YouTube Shorts

I felt like turning my NFT collection into YouTube shorts, because I love these Anaïs Nin quotes so much and there’s the added element of music/my voice. Enjoy the videos and the introspection they invite 🙂

Anaïs Nin & Ava Sol: The Journey Within – the playlist

The Muse’s Memoirs

One of my self-portraits as an album cover… enjoy the music by “Chasing Beowulf”

Ava’s Poetry

Hello dear soul friends! I’ve been more on YouTube these days, sharing the poetry that comes through me – visual & verbal. Playlists below – enjoy! <3

Do for YOU

in a perfect world
everybody would be
seen, loved, heard.

so create 
your perfect world:
see, love, hear
what's within:
embrace the image
in the mirror
& hold it dear.

only when you do it
for you
you can do it for me 

that's how we connect
in truth
in love
with respect.

Sensual Exploration with Ava

Feeling called to share my sensual experience of the world in 1-min videos – “Sensual Exploration with Ava” – on YouTube! 💃☀️🧚‍♀️ Let’s explore our wondrous 5 senses together – touch, taste, hear, smell, see with me! You can follow along and copycat – like a scavenger hunt! It only takes a minute of presence a day, planning to do it for 30-days and then we shall see 😻

follow along 😉

NEW: Ava’s Book Club

I love books and sharing them, so I decided to start a Book Club!! First book is “The Book of Qualities” by J. Ruth Gendler – pairing her beautiful personified descriptions of human qualities with simple daily moments in short YouTube videos. Enjoy and follow along if you are enjoying 🙂

Cherchez la femme

the hero’s journey/adventure quest redefined…


Cycle after cycle
The seeker
Follows Truth/Love
Open, trusting, forward moving
Shiny objects/illusions
The simple obscured
The false worshiped
Pierce forth
With your sword
Annihilate the old
Courage to discern
Perseverance to act
Knowing to see without seeing
Boundless Being
New horizons expand
Uncharted, your true land.

- Ava Sol

Ava Sol: A Buddha With A Twist ;-)

Go figure, I metamorphosed once again… finally fully accepted all responsibility/got used to the idea… so now I am a Buddha with a twist 😉

it’s a playlist, more “teachings” coming soon 😉

finish… my… sentences…

This collection of self-portraits represents me coming to terms with the truth that I am enough and too much at the same time, and that’s perfectly fine/I would not have it any other way.

I co-created directly with the Sun, the images/videos are NOT EDITED at all, shot in Santa Barbara, CA in August/September 2022, natural light, natural body, natural raw real whole self.

How simple, yet hard to accept oneself completely. However, if/when you do everything somehow falls into place. 🙏❤️‍🔥☀️

click… {bait}