About Last Night…

it comes full circle…


Maybe it’s not about getting to the end, but enjoying the journey/dance… Maybe it’s not what you are looking at, but how you are looking at it that matters… Maybe it’s all about how deep you are willing to dive… Maybe the job of an oracle is to confuse you more, so you can learn to trust yourself… Maybe je ne sais quois… Or maybe I know now… Go fish for yourself – you never know what you are going to find… 😉


what did you forget? – who are you? – what are you here for? – can light exist without dark? – maybe all opposites comprise a whole? – maybe you are here to remember? – maybe it’s all a game of hide and seek you came to play? – maybe we fall apart so we can come together again differently/better? – maybe all points to the same thing? – is there another? – is all a mirror? – is there anything else but Love? – maybe nature has the answers? – maybe your nature knows it all? – maybe there’s no rush to find out? – maybe it’s all about enjoying the dance in the now/know

summed up

“what will you do with this one precious life?” – ahhhh…. all the possibilities!! 🧚🏻‍♀️ 


life as consciousness expanding back into love… so many different perspectives are possible… follow the flow…allow your natural expression to emerge… it’s you and you and you always… you are it… turn within, focus on Self, live love, enjoy the play…

live love

Growth & Expansion, Harmony & Understanding, & Love, Always

As we expand in consciousness, we constantly grow into new version of ourselves and outgrow the old ones, which is a completely natural gradual process of change… embrace it and do not fear the new… let go gracefully of the old with gratitude whenever you are ready… not everybody will follow/walk alongside you in the new direction you choose to venture, and that’s ok… some will try to discourage you due to their own fear of the unknown… if you feel pulled, go anyway… it’s the natural flow of life… surrender to it and enjoy the dance of reality…

listen till the end… insights into love making remembering and including the feminine way…

growth & expansion

The Feminine Flow

What I have been expressing through my art (or rather, what has been expressing itself through me) and the ways of the feminine we are slowly, but surely starting to remember…

Come Home {you never left}

don’t quite fit in this world? – let’s create a new one – remember where you came from – we are part of nature – nothing is wrong with you – home is…

come home

Oh Joy Begin!

How do you feel about expressing your joy? Can you fully do it? What does it mean to feel our feelings? All of them? Deeply too… and share them… profound realizations ensue {which are so simple, that it’s funny} 🙂

happy happy joy joy!

The Courage To Live

are we afraid of dying or of living? – or of both for the same reason? – do you expand with life or shrink from it? – facing the unknown and plunging boldly into it…

the courage to live

Enlightened Embodiment

My 2 cents on how to get enlightened and then embody it, if you choose/wish … 😉

enlightened embodiment