Have It All {you already do}

“nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so” – the world of opposites and extremes – two sides of the same coin – extreme minimalist raw vegan or the richest man in the world – what is better? – all is opinions – learning to unite our differences – has all already happened? – or are we all stranger than fiction? – who is to say what is right or wrong – approaching differences with curiosity – go within, open you heart and accept it all – humanity is inside of you – we are one – different manifestation of the one for the sake of exploration – how boring it would be if we were all the same – creativity is abundant – life as a creative experience – create your own movie – appreciate the variety, everyone is here for their own sake/story – what do you desire? – bring forth into manifestation your thing – believe you already have it – feel the feeling and give thanks – focus on your own sweet self – we are in this creative experience together – everything around you somebody else imagined and brought into form – what are you creating? – you are living all timelines now – wake up, star stuff – you are existence itself – why compare and criticize, when all is you – you are immortal, eternal, limitless – have fun in this bodysuit and go for your dreams – what is there to lose when you already…

have it all

Holy and Whole

life as a more spontaneous experience – not following what others say/have arrived at/believe in – what if we follow our natural impulses and allow our intuition to guide us – allowing your soul to unfold and do its thing – enjoying the dance and not to focused on the end goal – believe in yourself more – only you know how to be you – let the magic/your gut guide you – miracles are everywhere if you have the eyes to see – stay present, stay open

believe in your magic (whole)

Love & Conception

how to bring ideas into manifestation? – everything is already created – conceive the idea and let it be – align mind and heart – no hard work – the feminine way – change your conception of yourself and see it externalize – from inside to outside – it’s that simple – if the wind noise pisses you off you are not ready to hear this yet


Born Anew

what does it mean to be yourself – who is the self – do you add or subtract – covering up the feeling not enough – underneath it all lies the truth – expectations, shame, guilt and fear – the freedom of talking to strangers – drop the masks and the roles – your inner child wants to play – sit with yourself and find out – give yourself the love and appreciation you are looking for – bloom – from inside to outside – the world is longing for your unique gift – open up

be yourself

Know Thyself

have you always felt different? – like you are too much – you could never fit in – nobody could see your depth, even you – afraid of the shadows – the truth is you are enough – you came to create something new – the key is within – the flawed is the beautiful – multifaceted and multidimensional – always in flow, forever changing – we connect based on energy and vibration – here for the experience of it – follow desire – you are worthy – contracting and expanding into eternity – bask in self love – feel into the network – ask and you shall receive – focus on solutions – keep your focus – the field of Love unites us all – stay open and receive – be a vessel – natural and easy – we unite based on frequency – the many are one – deep inner knowing – here to co-create the world we desire – share your vision – allow and connect – are you on board? – feel into who you truly are

together as one

Dissolving in Love

quit your judgement – nothing is either good or bad, only thinking makes it so – all serves a purpose – uniting in Love – everything is yourself – divine play

a blessing in disguise

It’s All Fun and Games…

…Until You Truly Get It That It Is All Fun and Games

let’s play a game – “Get Rid Of It All” – you can keep your material stuff for now, no worries – imagine a basket where you drop all of your: – 1) all worries – 2) all assumptions – 3) all expectations – 4) all beliefs – drop it like it’s hot – merge with the field of infinite possibilities in the endless space you just freed – come back with a fresh perspective – act on divine inspiration – trust the unknown – go beyond the mind and trust the senses – the power of presence – everything changes and you too – plunge in the dance of life – move in harmony with all – you are it, Love – revel in your true self – get rid of it all to gain it all

the game of life

All You

to do or not to do – align or work hard – the dream world created within manifests without – the feminine approach is to allow – plant your seeds and wait – patience instead of pushing it – is it possible to live with no fear – trust life – move the way love moves – fear keeps us small – face it and be free – ditch your low self worth and believe in your greatness – can we have real life miracles – leap and fly – you are amazing – limitless divine energy in a body – accept yourself fully and completely – love yourself – imagine the world you desire – dream it and dare to live it – what do you have to lose – all is yourself pushed out

allow, be free, all is you

Dreaming a New Dream

seven-year-olds know stuff – nightmares are nothing but bad dreams – why are you consciously dreaming bad dreams – what are you watching that scares you – is it true – collective reality is relative – we have multiple personalities – different people know us in different ways – are you masochistic – you deserve good dreams – choose consciously – wake yourself up gently from the collective nightmare rooted in fear – go for love – enlightenment: turn on the light switch and let the darkness dissipate – FACE YOUR FEARS – you have to do it on your own – then dream the dream you want – wake up when you are ready

the one that you want

Follow Your Sun {and don’t care about what will people say}

follow yourself only – why you should not care about what others think – moving away from the tribal mentality – i sneeze – inner impulses – exploring the deeply embedded fear of abandonment – we see the world differently based on our beliefs/experiences/conditioning – no one size fits all – story about lost keys – thingfinder – we see things as we are – have you tried saving a wild kitten – man, woman and donkey riding though a village – people will always have an opinion – nobody can truly understand you – we all live in our own world – do your own thing – understand yourself – all you need is inside – create your own story -follow the signs that are uniquely yours – you are worthy loved and supported

enjoy the dance