Being You{r} Own Being

do you believe in miracles? – what if you are one…

who you are

Soul Knowing

have you met someone you feel like you intimately know without having ever talked to them before?

soul connections

Power, Destiny, Unity, Love

power and destiny – force:trying to take someone else’s power away; power: inner connection to source – there is only one power and we are expressions of it/are it – divine paradox – self awareness is key – then, tap into co-creation – true change in society begins with individual change – the collapse of the old so the new can rise – the quest for truth – no one can have power over you unless you allow them to – learn to work with your mind and your triggers – what is destiny – a particular destination? – aligned thoughts + feelings + focus = will get you to your particular destination – are you allowing lots of destructions (fear, doubt, insecurity, outward “drama” begging for your attention – do you think your soul has an outline of your optimal journey/experiences you came to have – have you been learning your lessons – the future is created in the now – {my belly is rumbling a lot} – are you the operant power or are you easily swayed by what goes on on the outside – do you trust your inner knowing? – you are enough/whole – add to your “I am” whatever you like and go for your dreams – believe

power and destiny

When You Move, I Move

I think I am saying the same thing over and over, but differently… isn’t everything like this?

choose your move


Let’s bust some myths that no longer apply… I am doing it anyway, you decide for yourself what serves you better to believe in… just know that you always have a choice and there are options… there are as many truths our there as people, go with what feels right for you… you are so blessed, and you don’t even know it… know it now!!! Stick to the same old story, or rewrite the narrative and change the game… for it’s all a game, don’t forget it 😉

blessed/God is… all a bunch of stories…

Have It All {you already do}

“nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so” – the world of opposites and extremes – two sides of the same coin – extreme minimalist raw vegan or the richest man in the world – what is better? – all is opinions – learning to unite our differences – has all already happened? – or are we all stranger than fiction? – who is to say what is right or wrong – approaching differences with curiosity – go within, open you heart and accept it all – humanity is inside of you – we are one – different manifestation of the one for the sake of exploration – how boring it would be if we were all the same – creativity is abundant – life as a creative experience – create your own movie – appreciate the variety, everyone is here for their own sake/story – what do you desire? – bring forth into manifestation your thing – believe you already have it – feel the feeling and give thanks – focus on your own sweet self – we are in this creative experience together – everything around you somebody else imagined and brought into form – what are you creating? – you are living all timelines now – wake up, star stuff – you are existence itself – why compare and criticize, when all is you – you are immortal, eternal, limitless – have fun in this bodysuit and go for your dreams – what is there to lose when you already…

have it all

Holy and Whole

life as a more spontaneous experience – not following what others say/have arrived at/believe in – what if we follow our natural impulses and allow our intuition to guide us – allowing your soul to unfold and do its thing – enjoying the dance and not to focused on the end goal – believe in yourself more – only you know how to be you – let the magic/your gut guide you – miracles are everywhere if you have the eyes to see – stay present, stay open

believe in your magic (whole)

Love & Conception

how to bring ideas into manifestation? – everything is already created – conceive the idea and let it be – align mind and heart – no hard work – the feminine way – change your conception of yourself and see it externalize – from inside to outside – it’s that simple – if the wind noise pisses you off you are not ready to hear this yet


Born Anew

what does it mean to be yourself – who is the self – do you add or subtract – covering up the feeling not enough – underneath it all lies the truth – expectations, shame, guilt and fear – the freedom of talking to strangers – drop the masks and the roles – your inner child wants to play – sit with yourself and find out – give yourself the love and appreciation you are looking for – bloom – from inside to outside – the world is longing for your unique gift – open up

be yourself

Know Thyself

have you always felt different? – like you are too much – you could never fit in – nobody could see your depth, even you – afraid of the shadows – the truth is you are enough – you came to create something new – the key is within – the flawed is the beautiful – multifaceted and multidimensional – always in flow, forever changing – we connect based on energy and vibration – here for the experience of it – follow desire – you are worthy – contracting and expanding into eternity – bask in self love – feel into the network – ask and you shall receive – focus on solutions – keep your focus – the field of Love unites us all – stay open and receive – be a vessel – natural and easy – we unite based on frequency – the many are one – deep inner knowing – here to co-create the world we desire – share your vision – allow and connect – are you on board? – feel into who you truly are

together as one