The Dance of Creation

within and without are one…


Meet You There

can’t sleep – let’s go for an imaginary ride – what of you were formless and nameless and anything you wish for immediately materialized – how boring would that be – so you chose to forget who you are, a.k.a. boundless energy – the one became many forgetting it is one – the game of life – sensing it all – do you remember – are you awake in the dream or still sleeping – do you identify with your roles – you are the dream and the dreamer – you choose – no need to take it all so seriously – constant expansion – listen to the music, follow the harmony and dance – allow life to live you – suffering as an opening to joy – experience and enjoy – choreograph your own dance

i will meet you there

Moon Magic and Feline Wisdom

a cat that loves blueberries – what boxes are you putting yourself in – examine your limiting beliefs – tabula rasa – be like a child – see the world with wonder – simplicity – no need to struggle – cats are chill – you will only get what you give to yourself – assume that you are worthy of having what you desire – believe – cats are awesome – change your core belief – manifest from love – my cat loves cherries too and most red fruit – take time to be present and revel in the mystery – it’s all fun and games, literally – you decide – the bells are chiming – try it for yourself – as within so without

blueberry moon and cats