Use Your Imagination…

inviting you to do some self inquiry – ******spoiler alert****** – telling you what i have found – there is no you – yes, scary and liberating at the same time – all is mind/imagination – self love becomes obsolete for your Self is Love – hmmm… – finding the sweet spot (as in balance, not sure what you were thinking) – owning your light and your darkness (for they are one too) – all is a story – there is no fiction/all is fiction – use your imagination to construct the scene you desire – expand through your true desires – express yourself – use your emotions, love them all, feel deeply, and choose how you want to feel – rise in love, stay there – enjoy your divinity in a human expression 🙂

use your imagination


Let’s bust some myths that no longer apply… I am doing it anyway, you decide for yourself what serves you better to believe in… just know that you always have a choice and there are options… there are as many truths our there as people, go with what feels right for you… you are so blessed, and you don’t even know it… know it now!!! Stick to the same old story, or rewrite the narrative and change the game… for it’s all a game, don’t forget it 😉

blessed/God is… all a bunch of stories…

The Journey of Love

the storm has come to wash you clean…


Your Dreams Are Calling

why am i doing these recordings – what movie are you starring in – have you been paying attention to your inner dialogue – what beliefs are you believing in – surviving or thriving – examine all – are you dreaming from fear/lack or abundance/love – believe in yourself – you are worthy – dream yourself where you want to be – focus your energy on what you want – you control the channels – give yourself the role you want

what dream are you dreaming