Just Live

from the cradle to the grave… a deep contemplation on life, oneness, the human experience, soul calling, soul searching, journeying without only to return within, love, and, and, and… I was really feeling it 😉

just live

Be Creative

can you just be? from the nothingness/unlimited potential of pure being, simply flowing and forever becoming and unbecoming


Be Still And Know

…that You Are God (and everyone else is too, and you are them, and we are here to play)

truly free

Feel It Out

why we do the things that we do – so many ways to explain it – depends how you look at it – what program are you running on – do you know you have a choice? – now you do! – oh, the places you will go – feel it out – freeing your mind can be scary – sort though your beliefs and keep the ones that feel good – difficulties provide contrast and we can choose to become wiser through them – let go of the past – start thinking about what you want – what are you thinking and feeling before you fall asleep? – that’s who you become – all is states/moods – feel the wish fulfilled and discover you have all within – repetition must be the mother of learning… 😉

your choice, always

Memento Mori

we are all going to die… are you truly living is the question?

memento mori

Ignorance and Creativity

what are you ignoring?- open up your awareness – conscious perception and creation – life as a creative act, playful and multifaceted – can you trust and allow life to express itself through you?

ignorance and creativity

Soul Knowing

have you met someone you feel like you intimately know without having ever talked to them before?

soul connections