Spirit Play

what is spirituality? – can it be that we already have it? – sharing with you how I have been experiencing – it starts with a nudging feeling that there is something more than this – and then you go exploring – embracing it all – no right or wrong way to do it – you can have fun and express it creatively – surely it will be messy, but why not? – stay open – only you know how to be you


Be Still And Know

…that You Are God (and everyone else is too, and you are them, and we are here to play)

truly free


it is
that simple...

Love Letter

I just did a voice recording to tell you that I love you in the space where you are me and I am you and we are Love… let’s all embody Love together and remember who we are – not just today, but every day! Pouring wisdom on you in a casual every-day manner 😉

love letter

Love & Conception

how to bring ideas into manifestation? – everything is already created – conceive the idea and let it be – align mind and heart – no hard work – the feminine way – change your conception of yourself and see it externalize – from inside to outside – it’s that simple – if the wind noise pisses you off you are not ready to hear this yet 😛