It’s In His Kiss

To do or not to do and what to do when you do what you should not do? Solange does the unthinkable…

No matter what I am doing, in the back of my mind I am thinking about James. It’s insane, like I am some teenager. He just seems to get me, there is an unspoken understanding between the two of us and an energy that is hard to explain. No words are needed, we both sense it so strongly. Yet, it’s so wrong on so many levels. They came over for dinner and his wife is such an amazing person. Steve and her clicked together right away, I am hoping they did not notice anything weird between James and I. We both seem like such perfect couples, yet I keep wondering what it would be like to kiss another woman’s husband. Wasn’t there a movie like that? Are we simply bored in our marriages? James admitted that his wife is not very much into sex.

Same Wavelength

Solange is rather puzzled by the electric sparks flying between her and James… they are obviously sexually attracted to each other, yet both are married… the familiar comfortable feeling she feels around him confuses her…

I still get this nervous electric feeling around James at work. It’s almost like we are very delicately flirting with each other – subtly, yet sensually. He can sense parts of me that most people don’t pick up on, almost like the two of us connect on some invisible wavelength. The way he looks at my body when I am sitting down or standing up, the smile and spark in his eyes, the words and small inflections he is using in his sentences – all registers within me. We are having fun with this, but we’d better be careful. He has a wife, I have a husband. I’ve never cheated on anyone, nor have I ever felt tempted to. All of this is quite a new thing. What is weird is that seldom do I get sexually attracted to someone. If I can imagine kissing them, then it can go further, but no matter how nice and good looking some guys are, I don’t ever feel drawn to them. With James, however, I can totally imagine kissing him and this is so scary to even write. So glad I am keeping this journal online…

Palms, Lips, Legs

Solange loves her new job and fantasizes of a more passionate intimate life. She meets James and sparks fly…

Our married life has turned into a predictable routine, so at least at work things are a little more interesting. I got assigned an ad campaign for a new lipstick. Tomorrow morning I am supposed to have a brainstorming meeting with a guy named James who I haven’t met yet. We’ve only exchanged a few messages on the work chat online, I like his sense of humor. I guess it’s good that I started this job, I needed the dynamic back in my life. I went out for lunch with some colleagues and they all talk about the same things – clothes, cosmetics, their children or husbands, where they want to go on vacation. I am not a girly girl at all, I’ve always dreaded this kind of gatherings. If, on the other hand, we dove into philosophy and psychology, what motivates people to do certain things and the patterns of their behavior I would have been all in. Why do I always have to be so deep and serious? I keep telling myself to loosen up, and I just can’t seem to be able to… Is this who I am, or is this a big giant major block preventing my true expression? Most of the people I know are not like me at all… 

A Change Is Gonna Come

Sara sees Damian in a different light… Is what brought them together dissipating? Were they supposed to meet, share and then part? Or could her feeling be wrong?

We are drifting away. The last time I saw him things were kind of off. It was during the day –  he called, I was already out and I headed his way. While in the beginning I was eagerly anticipating his messages and attention, lately I’ve grown so much more confident in my own skin. Like I’ve been moving from a novice, to apprentice, to a pro. In what? Being my true self, I guess. His voice still gave me chills and made me wet, though. Enroute to his place I stopped at a lingerie shop and got myself a new pair of lacy black underwear. There was a strange feeling of excitement that gave a bounce to my step knowing I was going to a fuck date. I’ve come to accept the whole thing as my sexual initiation that I owe no explanation to anyone about. We entered into it with respect as two consenting adults, keeping it open and not binding it to empty promises. Naturally, we both had feelings for each other, but we did not let that distract us from the nature of our contract. Namely, fuck friends who meet when convenient for both and share pleasure, exploring each other’s naked bodies. Obsessively thinking about the morality or future of it only made what was supposed to be simple, complicated. 

Alphabetical Soliloquy {resulting in} Blissful Reunion {for two}

Alphabetical Soliloquy
{the ABCs redefined}

Almost audible
Blessedly born
Calmly conjured
Delicately draped
Effortlessly etched
Feelingly faint
Gladly granted
Hungrily harbored
Irregularly incidented
Justly jubileed
Keenly knighted
Longingly lush
Movingly motioned
Nearly nestled
Oddly obscure
Perfectly placed
Questioningly quiet
Remotely ravenous
Seemingly soft
Touchingly tame
Utmostly urgent
Vaporishly valid
Willingly warm
Xenially xerothermic
Yearningly yummy
Zealously zesty
{my head on your chest}
a sensual woman in a vintage slip pretending to play queen ann's lace like a cello

Jazz Geometry Deal

A reflection
Of the times
Shape shifting
All that
She is


Inner Movement

We are made of change…

Moving so fast
The trail you leave behind
Catches up
When you
Stand still.

Divine Imaginings

All gets revealed in the light…

Your garment against mine.
Born into a body.

Love Language

Allow Love to Flow…


Let Me Blow Ya…

… mind… what did you think? Not that kind of girl… or am I? I guess we can only guess… why define me, when we can have so much fun with no walls attached to a box… Wide open, my mind likes to wander… enjoy…

major revelation: you are creating your own reality, for realz