Love the Thorns

All seeming opposites go together… unite them within and bless the lessons…

misfortune {not what is seems}

Allow and Be Free

What does freedom mean to you? Do you feel free? Liberate yourself…


Fruit Loops

What do you think about when you wake up in the morning? I think about fruit salad and I wonder what he tastes like…

the secret to a good fruit salad {wait for it}

Rooted, We Rise

Feet on the ground, head in the clouds…

What I call me
What you call you
Is it different than we?
I am true.

Hawaii {Soaking up Mother Earth Energy}

Mother carried me in her womb for nine months.

She gave me roaring tumultuous tides 
To stir my tempest. 
She gave me bright luminous sunrays
To caress my soul.
She gave me gusty gushing gales
To propel my flow.
She gave me luscious saccharine fruit
To candy my nectar.
She gave me blazing charred embers
To aflame my fire.
She gave me lustrous incandescent moon
To illuminate my being.

She delivered me into this world
To set it aglow.

Daydreaming Thinking of Love {Samantha 2/10}

Samantha is spending the summer at her grandma’s, exploring existential questions as who is she and the meaning of life. She cherishes her aloneness, lovers the character old worn things have, does not understand cemeteries at all, and is a hopeless believer in true love…

I like my own world best. When I am alone, by myself. Everything is possible then. In my daydreams. I am not dreaming at all of the life my parents have. Not that they have a bad life, they are wonderful people and have jobs that they love. I just don’t see myself like that. Sometimes it feels like I just need to push through high school and then my real life is going to begin. Do I stop myself from living now? Or does the environment stop me? Maybe I should be a philosopher? Maybe I am a philosopher. My cousin is coming over and we are going to go and get ice cream. The only entertainment around here. There aren’t any other kids my age in the neighborhood. Besides, I like being by myself. I let very few people close to me, and even when I do, they only see fractions of who I am. Who am I?

Longing and Wishing {Samantha 1/10}

Meet Samantha. Her summer nights are spent sitting on the balcony ledge, dreaming of something far away and elusive. She pushes the boys that like her away, fascinated by living in her imagination. Never dreams of a wedding, but longs for true love.

What is it that keeps me up at night? The heat? Sitting on the balcony ledge, feeling the cool breeze caress my skin, I know it’s something else… elusive… empty… enchanting… ephemeral… Maybe the night sky has my answer…? Or maybe I am not yet to know? It’s a pull of some kind… Mysterious and mine. I should go in and try to fall asleep. Something deep inside me longs to be expressed but cannot find its way out… Restless


I am wild, unexplored, uncharted
There are no maps to get to me,
Because my territory changes all the time.
There is chaos, volcanoes
Raging storms, tumultuous oceans,
Scorching deserts, volatile winds
All hiding within me.
I smile amidst it and harmony is born.
My being yearns, craves,
Destroys, devours,
Consumes and leaves behind.
My being nourishes, loves
Creates, nurtures,
Brings forth and solidifies.
I flow through time unbound
Spill out and over
Fill every crevice
Persuasive and pervasive.
My essence leaves an imprint
A taste in your mouth
A tingling in your limbs
A haunting image
Of something long lost
You once had
And now you want it back.


To hold possession over me…
Impossible save when we...are One in God/Love