Practical Magic

who are you? – who were you made to believe you are? – can you be many splendid things? – are you a singular consciousness expressing itself in many forms? – taking the well-trodden path or choosing the unknown? – can you jump timelines? – assuming the consciousness of your desire brings it into manifestation/your experience – asking the big questions here and answering them for myself – naturally, do your own self-searching and see what you come up with 😉

self concept and timelines


I am wild, unexplored, uncharted
There are no maps to get to me,
Because my territory changes all the time.
There is chaos, volcanoes
Raging storms, tumultuous oceans,
Scorching deserts, volatile winds
All hiding within me.
I smile amidst it and harmony is born.
My being yearns, craves,
Destroys, devours,
Consumes and leaves behind.
My being nourishes, loves
Creates, nurtures,
Brings forth and solidifies.
I flow through time unbound
Spill out and over
Fill every crevice
Persuasive and pervasive.
My essence leaves an imprint
A taste in your mouth
A tingling in your limbs
A haunting image
Of something long lost
You once had
And now you want it back.


To hold possession over me…
Impossible save when we...are One in God/Love