Use Your Imagination…

inviting you to do some self inquiry – ******spoiler alert****** – telling you what i have found – there is no you – yes, scary and liberating at the same time – all is mind/imagination – self love becomes obsolete for your Self is Love – hmmm… – finding the sweet spot (as in balance, not sure what you were thinking) – owning your light and your darkness (for they are one too) – all is a story – there is no fiction/all is fiction – use your imagination to construct the scene you desire – expand through your true desires – express yourself – use your emotions, love them all, feel deeply, and choose how you want to feel – rise in love, stay there – enjoy your divinity in a human expression 🙂

use your imagination

Love & Conception

how to bring ideas into manifestation? – everything is already created – conceive the idea and let it be – align mind and heart – no hard work – the feminine way – change your conception of yourself and see it externalize – from inside to outside – it’s that simple – if the wind noise pisses you off you are not ready to hear this yet 😛


Return To Yourself

{you might need headphones for this} – what do you desire – a bunch of randomness – the magical powers of the imagination – out of your mind and into your heart – like when you have sex – go to that space daily – allow your thoughts to come in and out – the place where we are one – remember – bliss, peace – flow like water

sweet nothings

Let Me Blow Ya…

… mind… what did you think? Not that kind of girl… or am I? I guess we can only guess… why define me, when we can have so much fun with no walls attached to a box… Wide open, my mind likes to wander… enjoy…

major revelation: you are creating your own reality, for realz

Blood Whispers {from Inside to Outside}

maybe we are not meant to know it all – experience everything – what you like and what you don’t like – let it happen to you – like the mosquito drawing blood from my finger right now – observing it and sharing my blood with it – its belly is swelling up – I let it feed – there is a tiny red dot left on my finger – will it start itching – I can decide whether that’s going to annoy me or I will simply accept it as a part of life – we are part of it all and all of it at the same time – we come into the world of polarity to transcend it – all seeming opposites are actually one – the beauty of paradox – everything that exists is us, here to guide us into the remembering of who we are – follow the crumbs you left behind – signs are everywhere calling you home – it’s a dance your soul choreographed – you are the master dreamer – deeper and deeper we go – are you with me? I am you and you are I – perfectly imperfect – allow yourself to bloom – you know how to

mosquito lover {love all}