Love Letter

I just did a voice recording to tell you that I love you in the space where you are me and I am you and we are Love… let’s all embody Love together and remember who we are – not just today, but every day! Pouring wisdom on you in a casual every-day manner 😉

love letter


what do you believe in? – do you let the outside define you or are you looking inward? – here is your wake up kiss – can you feel yourself as a part of a bigger harmonious whole – suffering is here to show you who you are – all is one – remember, ground, connect – observe nature – be present – you are part of it all and all of it at the same time – all religions are based in the same spirituality – you are spirit in a body – direct your own movie – see the paradox – lucid dream awake – navigate the dream through thoughts, feelings and intention – what you agree with becomes real to you – choose what feels good – follow your own in-tuition – create from wholeness and love – why separate when all is one – there is no enemy – to create peace be peace and resonate on that frequency – all is opinions, don’t react, respond instead – the game is actually fun – as within so without – one player is playing all parts – no winners, no losers, only expansion – don’t be afraid of the void – recreate the drama or imagine it as you like it 😉

Good Morning KISS

Born Anew

what does it mean to be yourself – who is the self – do you add or subtract – covering up the feeling not enough – underneath it all lies the truth – expectations, shame, guilt and fear – the freedom of talking to strangers – drop the masks and the roles – your inner child wants to play – sit with yourself and find out – give yourself the love and appreciation you are looking for – bloom – from inside to outside – the world is longing for your unique gift – open up

be yourself

The Fountain Within

we are the same at our core – where is the love – the remedy is within – witness the pain/anger/hurt – allow and let go – the enemy is never without – inner union – open up and share in the space of love – one big family – we are one – no judgement – presence – love grace and humility

all is full of love

Blood Whispers {from Inside to Outside}

maybe we are not meant to know it all – experience everything – what you like and what you don’t like – let it happen to you – like the mosquito drawing blood from my finger right now – observing it and sharing my blood with it – its belly is swelling up – I let it feed – there is a tiny red dot left on my finger – will it start itching – I can decide whether that’s going to annoy me or I will simply accept it as a part of life – we are part of it all and all of it at the same time – we come into the world of polarity to transcend it – all seeming opposites are actually one – the beauty of paradox – everything that exists is us, here to guide us into the remembering of who we are – follow the crumbs you left behind – signs are everywhere calling you home – it’s a dance your soul choreographed – you are the master dreamer – deeper and deeper we go – are you with me? I am you and you are I – perfectly imperfect – allow yourself to bloom – you know how to

mosquito lover {love all}