Wet Wet Wet: I Am, He Is, We Are

he has a bath tub in his bedroom – the man i love – he is fascinating – he is Love – he is generous and free – I slowly take my clothes off and slip in the water – sense of home, like in the womb – connecting to Mother – he serenades me – he has the good vibes going on – water gets restructured – all is connected – talk to your water – give it thanks – i love this man – i want him inside my deep waters – we know – pure love – drawn to each other like magnets – we kiss – baptized – you and me and God – back to one – bodies merged and souls united in the water

flow to me {bath tub bliss}
a woman's sensual bare back in a bath tub
sun kissed back

speak it, be it…

the language of love
woman's legs covered with a wet sheet in a bath tub