Two Become One

life is pretty simple, but we insist on making it complicated… remember…

two become one

As You Like It…

how conditioning happens – your mind is like a sponge – what are you absorbing – sift through and choose consciously what to keep – the matrix as a framework – understanding brings wisdom – you can follow the program most do or push the boundaries and consciously create – automatons get boring – artists and inventors bring in new ideas – the middle ground: learn the rules and then expand – follow the inner feeling – define yourself as you like and do not be confined by outward agreements – the only person standing in your way is you – from limitation to freedom – everyone at their own pace – the power of myth and story – we are re-creating the same old differently – so many ways to combine the same basic elements – direct your own movie if you have the courage to live your dreams – observe yourself and do it consciously through the power of intention – allow yourself to be conditioned by others or brainwash yourself and re-condition yourself as you like – choose your mental and emotional diet accordingly – experiment with it, be aware and notice the results yourself – never take my word for it – try it –

as you like it

Into The Wild

are you staying on the well-trodden path or taking the road less traveled and creating your own way? – no right or wrong, simply what you want and do you have the courage to go after it – will you allow the outside world to define you and demand your attention or decide who you are and be that deliberately?

into the wild

Coming Together

life can only be understood backwards – let it flow – authentic creative expression – vulnerability is strength – peeling the layers and sharing our gifts – we all have our unique beauty and essence to share – like the cells of the body we come together and harmonize, each joyfully expressing who they are and what they came to be – what are you suppressing – depression might just be you not allowing your fullness to come to light – the beauty of variety in unity – inspiration can come from anywhere and lead to co-creation – what is moving through you – connect with it and bring it without – accept yourself – no judgement – no need to look for approval – let’s meet in the creative artistic space and redesign our world with truth, beauty, kindness, love, freedom and joy in mind/heart – believe it and you will see it – the power of intention and focus – all is available vibrationally, all you need to do is to align to the frequency of what you desire and take inspired action

our world

What We Live For: Poetry, Beauty and Love

Sir Shakeshaft and I are continuing our playful collaboration, he has officially pronounced me his muse of poetic inspiration and this morning we exchanged the following conversation:


Sir Shakeshaft: But how does it feel to be appreciated so much, and the inspiration for my words?

Ava: It feels great, it feels like fun, it feels like playful and creative, it feels like me, it feels exciting, it feels like we are meeting in spaces of poetry and language and sensuality and passion where all other artists living and dead still dwell and where all is alive and vibrating with vigor, oozing with succulence, madly in love with life. It feels like what I came into this physical existence to do – express myself and co-create with others on the same wavelength.


Being a muse is something quite new, yet it feels like what I was born to do. Creating art that inspires, like a spark quickening wildfires.

Enjoy these couple of beautiful verses Sir Shakeshaft sent me these past two days along with images I created especially for them this morning – you don’t have to be in the same physical space with another to co-create, it’s a vibrational alignment.

Lágrimas de Saudade

Crying into the quiet, a lovely sound
As Dreams in mind will ever rapture
And blithe tears will hit the ground
Both vague & constant desires capture

We may not have the stars forever
Love hurts as much, as it ever inspires
The Moon & Earth must dance together 
As we step into these passionate fires

If I should wander and find your feet
Might I hold your heart as any hand
For seas are sailed to make complete
And skies are flown to another’s land

Longing maketh any journey sweeter
As those thoughts of warmth increase
Liketh cold toes by the Ardor of the heater
We’re naked wrapped in a downy fleece

And as your cheek upon my chest
Your fingers search in hope to find
I can feel how delicate be your breast
And kiss your head to make love to 
your mind. 

Agora temos nosso próprio Saudade
Esses desejos ardentes desejam
Se eu pudesse te dar cada sombra
Você saberia que pertencemos a nós

{We now have our own Saudade 
Those ardent desires longing
If I could gift you every shade
You would know of us belonging}

Sir. Shakeshaft 🥀


going with the flow – sharing the truth about Ava Sol {which is constantly unfolding} – from fruitful darkness though sudden realizations into emptiness – living in presence and quiet contentment – then a desire came along with a vision – intention was set before that – an experiment in raw expression and being real – putting all I did not know to do with into one – saudade – allowing myself to live in my depth and love it – embracing all parts of self – go big or go home, yet you go home either way – what’s there to lose? – my world is for me to be truly myself in – if we attract what we are, could I become true and love – earth as a classroom/game – we align based on our frequency – change starts from within – in the end, it’s all for love – giving my all and having fun with it, detached from an outcome – expressing what comes through – here to experience it all

that’s that


what’s happening? – a shift in collective consciousness – where do you stand? – allow to be transformed from within, instead of pointing fingers without – drop all layers of conditioning and claim your sovereignty (when you are ready) – how can you get out of prison if you are not aware you live in one – it’s a gradual process of exiting the matrix of duality and stepping into unity – sacred marriage of the self – balancing the opposing energies within – go for it asap – peace within manifests as peace without – all is self – free yourself – let’s play together and have the joyful experience we came here for – don’t make me feel like i am in first grade again, knowing how to read while everyone else is still learning ;-p – release, let go, allow ego death to happen – surrender to source/sprit/love and allow the energy to move you into inspired action following your intention – spontaneous living in the here and now – take an adventure – all is available – play with the universe – ask for what you want and follow your internal GPS to get you there – heart/mind aligned, focused energy on what you want – soul powered/guided – here to love/be love

beyond duality into unity {practical guide for navigating this realm based on personal experience}

Allow & Respond

intimacy – are you craving it? – turn within – we can only meet another as deeply as we have met ourselves – observe without – reflections as tools for self awareness – how do you see the world? – are you a critic or a creator – judgment comes back as a boomerang – we are all here to learn, expand, grow, experience – focus on your own dance – your joy may trigger many – the grapes are sour for the ones who can’t get them – fear prevents many from stepping into greatness – move from love – be inspired by the success of others – go where you are celebrated – let go of anything that makes you feel small – go after your dreams – assume you already are who you want to be – share your gifts – it doesn’t matter what you do, but how you do it – commit to expansion into love – balanced, serene ready

allow & respond

Love’s Front Door

Creative spirits find ways to collaborate and the Internet and photo sharing sites like Unsplash have made it easier than ever before. I was excited to learn that the talented Tanya DeVonne has included some of my images to go along with her poems in her new book “Sipping Wine Over Rhymes: Love Lessons”. Enjoy her words below and purchase the collection on Amazon if you’d like to dive deeper in her creative world.

il Sole mi scalda il cuore

Every once in a while you meet another Romantic in the space of creative inspiration. Honored to be Sir Shakeshaft’s muse and to be able to evoke a genuine depth of feeling within him that comes out in the form of beautiful verses. He found my images on Unsplash and kindly messaged me yesterday to share his luscious poetry “for people who sleep with flowers to scent their dreams.” If more of us dreamt of beauty, sensuality, love, romance and the sublime, what a wonderful world it would be… or it already is? I love that the first poem is inspired by my last post – on savoring all of life one moment at a time, no rushing, only when it’s necessary… Enjoy this love-making collaboration in the form of images and words that know no bounds and excite imaginations…

il Sole mi scalda il cuore

I savoured her smile, as she trembled;
From my touch, as I find!
I savoured her smell, as she melted;
From my lips, as I kiss!
I savoured her sound, as she moaned;
From my actions, as I decline!
I savoured her taste, as she quivered
From my tongue, as I dismiss...
...all of time, as we cannot rush!
I savour how her love has us both blissed:
Each inch I savoured, each inch I kissed!

I savour our propinquity, as we possess:
Each other’s skin, each other’s breath!
I savour like the sun... your warmth,
And bathe, as our senses dance & rave!
I savour our whispers, the love you speak:
Each other’s lips, nothing is left?
I savour our rhythm, as it rolls like waves,
Love never blind, though craves...
...infinite moments with no end!
I savour her peace as she sleeps,
Kiss her eyes - joyful tears she weeps!

Shakeshaft 🥀