A poem I wrote today inspired by a conversation with my friends in our Music & Poetry Twitter space sharing about this amazing 30-day meditation challenge I did in December

{the benfits of meditation:}

what does it 
mean to be free?

from the stories
that came before,
opressing you even 

from the ideas of who you need to be,
even the ones
of what it means
to be free?

from the narrow minds
that walk the lines
from self-imposed

from the voices in your head,
thoughts playing on repeat,
feelings that you never wish
to actually truly meet?

if only…
one day…
i could be free
for all the things I want to 
do and be…

for art
for adventure
for music
for friends
for tea
for deep conversations
for long naps
for walks by the sea
for kisses
for laughter
for sharing grief
for dreaming
for savoring
for making-believe
for soaking up sun
for meaningful work
for some simple fun
for all the things
that make you sad
for all the things
that make your heart glad
for all the things
to you and me 
- surprisingly - 
for free!

funny how it is,
what we seek
is always
right in front 
of us
yet we always 
seem to



spoken version

Art & The Artist

Going through the photos on my phone, I found this conversation which still rings true… I am a channel for the art that wants to come through me and I feel like it’s shaping/showing my soul’s roadmap, yet the meaning it holds for everyone will be unique… Blending the personal with the universal…

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

― Gospel of Thomas

About Last Night…

it comes full circle…

Love & Sex

hi… it’s been a while… my vision is getting clearer and my remembering more vivid…

it can be that simple… making love in presence, no agenda, just feeling it all…


I want to intimately know
The silences inside your soul
The ebb, the melody, the flow
The sensuousness of your glow
inhaling it all

I am ready 
to go.


To know
To love
To see
To be
The memory
The melody
The mystery
Of you
And me.


The timbre of your voice
Makes my soul rejoice.

Your Will

To know
To love
To feel

The roadmap
Leading back to 



You can

Light Being

“Light Being” is a collection of 101 light edits of a single image of light/shadows on my body. Inspired by generative NFT collections, product of my AI {Authentic Intuition}, photos are named after “light” in different languages.

Deep down inside of each and every one of us, there is a space of luminescent Light and boundless Love. At our core we know that this is who we truly are and we can return home at any moment, communing with the soul in solitude and listening to the whispers of the heart. Beyond good and bad, beyond right and wrong, beyond any seeming separation there is only oneness manifesting itself in myriads of forms. One of them is you, another me, yet another he/she…. Different on the surface, yet the same in essence.

When we move from our center, we are capable of achieving all of our heart’s desires while being in harmony/contributing to the whole. Which Light Being are you most drawn to/speaks your language? Find your truest soul expression and let it shine!

“Light Being” 101 1/1 NFTs on OpenSea

Ava Sol

Ava’s World Manifest: NFT, Community & Positivity

Hello… is it me you’re looking for?? I’ve not been posting here for a while now, for I have found the manifestation of the world I have been creating in my imagination. Where? On NFT Twitter of all places… never ever would have assumed it, but I followed the energy flow and it always knows. I joined the community through a string of synchronicities in August, not knowing anything about anything. It’s my style – diving head first into the unknown, and figuring out the details as I go. Twitter spaces have amazing for making connections with incredible humans and having my art seen/appreciated/collected has been so humbling and exciting!!! So, without further ado, here is my first interview as an NFT artist. Very very grateful to Priyanshu for inviting me as his guest on his wonderful podcast!!!

P.S. Yes, you get to see my face!! And my cats!!!

My first podcast interview ever!!

Ava & Henry: The Journey Without

Henry Miller and Anais Nin were lovers, and if they had a lovechild that would be me, Ava Sol. I find both of their expansive personalities fascinating – so similar, yet unique in their own ways. They expressed what was within them through words, and I have been doing it through self portraits. This collection is a dialogue between Henry’s poetic and mine, his quotes complimenting my images and/or vice versa.

Feminine and masculine meet, harmonize, complete. To get a better feel of Henry, watch his “Bathroom Monologue” on YouTube – how could you not want to be friends with him? 🙂 He was curious about so many things and not afraid to explore them with an open mind. Like Anais – both free souls being themselves.

Enjoy the meeting of my self explorations/portraits (taken anywhere between 2011 and 2021) and his quotes as 1/1 NFTs. Because I have to take him into the future with me, too.