Let’s bust some myths that no longer apply… I am doing it anyway, you decide for yourself what serves you better to believe in… just know that you always have a choice and there are options… there are as many truths our there as people, go with what feels right for you… you are so blessed, and you don’t even know it… know it now!!! Stick to the same old story, or rewrite the narrative and change the game… for it’s all a game, don’t forget it πŸ˜‰

blessed/God is… all a bunch of stories…

The Journey of Love

the storm has come to wash you clean…



I was born with you etched in my heart
No image
No name
Nothing to hold on to
But a feeling ever-present of you existing.
A longing for belonging.Β 
Always searching for you in the distance.
Alone I feel you in the night sky.
The vastness of the ocean carries your presence.
Forever gazing out of windows, waiting.
All my life looking to find you.
No one else will do.
The one who is true.
The love that’s always been.Β 

My noble King,
I am your faithful Queen.Β 

Heaven on Earth How To

do you think you can change? – who is standing in your way? – only you – excuses galore – how bad do you want it – the confines of comfort – the grapes are always sour – are you ready to take responsibility? – you have the power – define your future in the now – don’t let your mind/the past hold you back – be present in the present – see yourself doing/being/having all that you desire – be glad and grateful – life is a gift – you are the star of your own movie – create it now

create now

The Secret of Creation & Fast Track to Liberation

spilling the beans, pretty much… you are well aware that I am risking eternal damnation for sharing this… just kidding, we are no longer running on that program – change the record, it’s that simple – liberate yourself from yourself, baby πŸ˜‰

the secret of creation & claim your liberation

Have It All {you already do}

“nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so” – the world of opposites and extremes – two sides of the same coin – extreme minimalist raw vegan or the richest man in the world – what is better? – all is opinions – learning to unite our differences – has all already happened? – or are we all stranger than fiction? – who is to say what is right or wrong – approaching differences with curiosity – go within, open you heart and accept it all – humanity is inside of you – we are one – different manifestation of the one for the sake of exploration – how boring it would be if we were all the same – creativity is abundant – life as a creative experience – create your own movie – appreciate the variety, everyone is here for their own sake/story – what do you desire? – bring forth into manifestation your thing – believe you already have it – feel the feeling and give thanks – focus on your own sweet self – we are in this creative experience together – everything around you somebody else imagined and brought into form – what are you creating? – you are living all timelines now – wake up, star stuff – you are existence itself – why compare and criticize, when all is you – you are immortal, eternal, limitless – have fun in this bodysuit and go for your dreams – what is there to lose when you already…

have it all


my 2 cents, haha πŸ˜‰ works for me, but hey, wisdom only comes from experience… try it, maybe?

Home {Enjoy the Ride}

the story of Source (as I feel it) – infinite awareness that contains all – no beginning, no end – unconditioned consciousness – shape it as you like it – one is the loneliest number – to know yourself you need a relationship with another – burst into a multitude of forms in a fun game of hide and seek – all for the fun and expansion of it – no need for accomplishment, rather the excitement of exploration – pretty good at hiding – when you are ready to wake up, you will wake up – life implies death and vice versa – you are who you keep seeking – you are it – the unconditioned consciousness is the fabric of all existence – forms come and go, awareness remains unchanged – you are so much more than what you are currently aware of – nothing and everything at the same time – what dream do you want to be dreaming – why do we play the game – expression of kindness and love – the simple things – remembering – seeing through the eyes of Source – the walls of separation crumble – beyond labels and appearances – into truth

hide and seek (found)


Emerging, reimagined by a fellow soul… perfectly timed, as my world is emerging πŸ˜‰

P.S. Go to “Her World” for the full original vision (if you want to, of course – I am not making you do anything)