Faithful Love

My body remembers you from eons ago
My mind doubts it is possible
My heart speaks the truth softly
My soul yearns for yours
My being knows.
All that is You evokes all that is Me
Two essences merge as One.
In your presence, I flow
In my presence, you burn.
Together we clear the old and nourish the new
Our path, the path of Love
Beyond separation, into unity.
My outlines tracing yours
Your thoughts finding home in mine
Our hearts beating in the same rhythm
Us, created in Love
Led by Source
Joyously dancing in harmony
into Eternity.
Love in your eyes meets Love in my eyes
Oh Love, we came from the stars.
I am sun beams and moonlight
You are passion and poetry
Together we nurture our nature.
We sought, and we found.
We have chosen each other since before time began
Hand in hand we birth new beginnings.
Firmly found in Love
Softly surrendered to Source.
Beyond appearances and veils
Beyond light and dark
Beyond past and future
We stand, in the eternal now
Entangled as one.
Your needs, my wants.
My beauty, your reflection.
Tender and true
Fearless force
Sensual symphony
Faithful Love.


On the threshold of a new beginning
The old falls away
We rise above it
I create in you
You create in me
Together dissolving in one
Love we follow
Love we create
Love we are
Love it is.