Know Thyself

have you always felt different? – like you are too much – you could never fit in – nobody could see your depth, even you – afraid of the shadows – the truth is you are enough – you came to create something new – the key is within – the flawed is the beautiful – multifaceted and multidimensional – always in flow, forever changing – we connect based on energy and vibration – here for the experience of it – follow desire – you are worthy – contracting and expanding into eternity – bask in self love – feel into the network – ask and you shall receive – focus on solutions – keep your focus – the field of Love unites us all – stay open and receive – be a vessel – natural and easy – we unite based on frequency – the many are one – deep inner knowing – here to co-create the world we desire – share your vision – allow and connect – are you on board? – feel into who you truly are

together as one