Not All Who Wander Are Lost

This came through the other day, wrote it down in a matter of three minutes, felt moved to take pictures today…

Feeling encapsulated by the deadening dullness of the limited shared reality, the wanderer crosses the threshold of imposed commonality to get lost in the vastness of the void where anything is possible. The lucrative unknown holds an elusive quality, a mystery that beckons to be explored, but never unravelled completely for its intricate secrets weave themselves into ever more complex patterns that strike with their inherent stoic simplicity. Shapes and visions blend, merge and dance into a series of processions that disappear in the blink of an eye only to re-emerge in a more-vivid-than-before kaleidoscopic formation of pure delight and fascination. The meaning is obscured by palpable presence penetrating to the core of all and revealing itself as the cradle of existence. Non-being implies being, darkness gives birth to light, quiet superimposes noise, life is swallowed by death only to burst into more life, all opposites unite and return to the origin of all things where they have always been. A spark, a thirst, a hunger rekindles the fire again and explodes into an outburst of desire to know itself. A universe is born anew. Welcome, yes, you.

photos – unedited, text – unedited, straight from Source 😉