I am that I am

I am that 
I am

the darkness and the light
the birth, the death, the flight
the joy, the sorrow and the pain,
the drought, the flood, the rain
the song, the melody, the vibe
the solitary wanderer, the tribe
the moon, the sun, the planets and the sky
the memory in every baby’s cry,
the plants, the trees, the birds, the bees,
the wound, the blood, the bliss, the kiss,
the thing that’s always here, and you always miss,
the river, the creek, the ocean and the sea,
the mountain, the valley, the abyss you never see,
the rose, the fox, the Little Prince, the snake, 
the resurrection and the wake,
the sunshine and the stars,
and maybe even Elon Musk and Mars
{no, this is not a fars}

or is it?…

keep going, 
and you will find out
what all of this
is all about

{or would you?}

to thine self 
stay true