Power, Destiny, Unity, Love

power and destiny – force:trying to take someone else’s power away; power: inner connection to source – there is only one power and we are expressions of it/are it – divine paradox – self awareness is key – then, tap into co-creation – true change in society begins with individual change – the collapse of the old so the new can rise – the quest for truth – no one can have power over you unless you allow them to – learn to work with your mind and your triggers – what is destiny – a particular destination? – aligned thoughts + feelings + focus = will get you to your particular destination – are you allowing lots of destructions (fear, doubt, insecurity, outward “drama” begging for your attention – do you think your soul has an outline of your optimal journey/experiences you came to have – have you been learning your lessons – the future is created in the now – {my belly is rumbling a lot} – are you the operant power or are you easily swayed by what goes on on the outside – do you trust your inner knowing? – you are enough/whole – add to your “I am” whatever you like and go for your dreams – believe

power and destiny