M O O N C Y C L E Week 1 {Blood Knows}

If you’d rather listen and take in the visuals…

Woman’s menstrual cycle symbolizes death and rebirth. These two seeming opposites are part of one whole, they comprise life. We are constantly renewed by shedding what no longer serves us and inviting the new. What are you ready to surrender and what is the vision you hold for your life? Believe it, and you will see it. The world of duality is our playground – anything is possible. All is energy manifested in different forms. What would you create if you had nothing to lose? Dream it into existence. ❤️ 

Week 1, Day 1
Blood knows.

When a woman bleeds, she is deeply in touch with Source/Mother/Awareness/the Divine. We all have the feminine energy inside of us, regardless of gender. It is good to honor this time, to slow down and connect. Powerful insights flow if we are quiet enough to hear.

When we use the first week of our cycle to hush the noise of the world and go within, we emerge renewed with inspiration and ideas. We reignite, we flourish, we bloom. Knowing how profoundly our mood/emotions/thoughts affect our cycle can be empowering not only for women, but for men as well. It is through tuning into the miraculous workings of our bodies that we gain better awareness about each other and all living beings at large.

Balance is the key to our existence as divine manifestations in human bodies. When we create with inspiration from Source, miracles manifest. Grounding and connecting to Mother Earth is essential, and we can also share with Her our menstrual blood as an offering. All is connected and it is beautiful to get a glimpse of the infinite harmony beyond beliefs.

Week 1, Day 2
So much wisdom
Stored inside.
Tune in
To the flow.
Week 1, Day 3
Sacred your temple is,
Holy your ground.
Cherish what is within,
Bring the gift without.
Week 1, Day 4
The language
Of the
Week 1, Day 5
Honor your flow.
Speak your truth.
Every answer
You know.
Week 1, Day 6
Put your roots
Into the Earth.
Reach your branches out
To the sky.
Week 1, Day 7
Having taken

Week 2