Holy and Whole

life as a more spontaneous experience – not following what others say/have arrived at/believe in – what if we follow our natural impulses and allow our intuition to guide us – allowing your soul to unfold and do its thing – enjoying the dance and not to focused on the end goal – believe in yourself more – only you know how to be you – let the magic/your gut guide you – miracles are everywhere if you have the eyes to see – stay present, stay open

believe in your magic (whole)

Anew You

Like a spiral, we evolve in loops… keep going…

Every time you think
You've reached the end
It's only
The beginning.
Up and in
You go

Limitless Dreams

It begins within, live from the dream…

To make the dream
Think from it
And not of it.
For all is
How you imagine
It to be.

Inner Movement

We are made of change…

Moving so fast
The trail you leave behind
Catches up
When you
Stand still.

Divine Imaginings

All gets revealed in the light…

Your garment against mine.
Born into a body.

To Go Or Not? {Samantha 6/10}

Samantha thinks she is too ordinary for Anton to have a crush on her, yet they seem to be drawn to each other a lot. She ponders whether to let herself go or not, live differently or stay the same. Doubting the credibility of history books, sinking into the dreariness of winter, and getting excited about her first potential date… if she says “yes.”

Maybe part of me does not to believe that from all the other girls at school he likes me… I am so plain, and straightlaced and boring… I don’t wear makeup, I’ve never had a boyfriend, and I don’t really go out that much… I don’t have very many interesting things to say and I stay away from drama stories… I am quiet and contained… Yet, I have so much passion inside… The nights are getting colder, my evening time on the balcony is almost over. I love walking to school in the morning and seeing the leaves of the trees turn color. I guess if I want something to be different, I need to do something that is different… instead of running away from everybody that likes me… Part of me wants to have a boyfriend and part of me is terrified by the idea… Should I let go of control? The respiratory systems is so amazing! We, humans, are walking miracles. Biology test tomorrow… not looking forward to it. I am so much better at math.

Love Language

Allow Love to Flow…


Yes and No {Samantha 5/10}

Samantha reminisces about how deep her soul is, the longing that she feels, and the strong pull towards Anton. Apparently he feels the same, bit neither of them is willing to cross the friendship line just yet. Will attraction prevail? The mysteries of love…

“Still waters are the most dangerous.” Like an iceberg, the tip only visible, so much more to me to uncover. Most people don’t care to see. They only skate on the surface, talk but don’t listen. Why am I so deep? I can be shallow, but I so don’t want to… Are other people very deep as well, and do they hide it like me? Out on the balcony, looking at the stars again. Like I am waiting for something to happen, for my real life to begin… I get a feel for it, but I cannot put it into words yet… Do we get one big Love in life? I dream of love

Your Song {Song of Songs}

A song-inspired Love Verse to My Dream Lover, using only song titles. My mind loves to make connections between things and layer them… For a link to the playlist, begin from the end…

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes.
Sweet Thing,
Are You The One That I’ve Been Waiting For,
The Man I Love?
Mysterious Ways
Counting Stars
Couldn’t Sleep
A Thousand Years
Wishin’ & Hopin’
Heaven Help
Justify My Love.
I’ll See It Through.
I Put a Spell on You
It Will Come Back
My Moon My Man
Good For Me.
You Make Me Feel,
Sweetest Thing.
Deeper Than Shallow,
I Melt With You.

Let Me Blow Ya…

… mind… what did you think? Not that kind of girl… or am I? I guess we can only guess… why define me, when we can have so much fun with no walls attached to a box… Wide open, my mind likes to wander… enjoy…

major revelation: you are creating your own reality, for realz