what’s happening? – a shift in collective consciousness – where do you stand? – allow to be transformed from within, instead of pointing fingers without – drop all layers of conditioning and claim your sovereignty (when you are ready) – how can you get out of prison if you are not aware you live in one – it’s a gradual process of exiting the matrix of duality and stepping into unity – sacred marriage of the self – balancing the opposing energies within – go for it asap – peace within manifests as peace without – all is self – free yourself – let’s play together and have the joyful experience we came here for – don’t make me feel like i am in first grade again, knowing how to read while everyone else is still learning ;-p – release, let go, allow ego death to happen – surrender to source/sprit/love and allow the energy to move you into inspired action following your intention – spontaneous living in the here and now – take an adventure – all is available – play with the universe – ask for what you want and follow your internal GPS to get you there – heart/mind aligned, focused energy on what you want – soul powered/guided – here to love/be love

beyond duality into unity {practical guide for navigating this realm based on personal experience}